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Hi this is my profile, i am Norman. I have been taking photos for the past mmmm49 years at least and got into digital about 5 years ago i joined this group about 2 months back but been active the last 3 weeks and hope to meet some friends and learn from others as you are always learning new tricks and perspectives. I am married and now retired so have the chance to explore further with the subject. I am from the N.E. of England, a photographers mecca Northumberland. The land of castles beaches and steeped in history.

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  • Laurent B. 8. April 2023, 11:24

    Merci du compliment pour "Quoi mes pattes"
    Thank you for the compliment for "What my paws"
  • Regina und Volker 24. Dezember 2022, 20:33

    Dear Norman, we wish you and yours a peaceful and blessed Christmas, may the light of Christmas find you wherever you are and bring you peace and joy.
     Sincerely Regina and Volker
  • Regina und Volker 29. September 2022, 0:38

    Dear Norman, we haven't seen anything from you here for a long time. We hope you are well and are looking forward to seeing you again. Best regards Regina and Volker
  • engler petra 18. Mai 2022, 17:47

    hallo danke  für dein lob    lg petra
  • fesselblitz 14. Mai 2022, 20:44

    Vielen Dank für Dein Lob! LG fesselblitz
  • Pumaernie 14. Mai 2022, 20:08

    dankeschön für die vielen Lobe
    Ich wünsche Dir noch ein schönes Wochenende
    Viele Grüße Christiane
  • Roberto Parducci 14. Mai 2022, 19:31

    Vielen dank fur dein lob  hallo  ciao
  • Roberto Parducci 14. Mai 2022, 9:58

    Vielen dank  ciao
  • art-and-cultur 13. Mai 2022, 18:02

    Thank you for your praise of the honey bee.
    There are also some very nice pictures in your gallery.
    LG Anna Maria
  • stephan.99735 12. Mai 2022, 18:11

    Hallo, ich bedanke mich für dein Lob recht herzlich. VG Stephan
  • Rolf Wernet 12. Mai 2022, 17:49

    Herzlichen Dank für Dein Lob zu dem Foto 'Farbenspiel - Auditorio de Tenerife. VG Rolf
  • Frida-Caro 12. Mai 2022, 9:55

    Vielen Dank für dein Lob zu meinem Foto "Rapsfelder". LG Frida-Caro.
  • hensken 12. Mai 2022, 8:56

    danke für deine lobe zu meinen Fotos. lg hensken
  • hensken 11. Mai 2022, 19:22

    danke für deine lobe zu meinen Fotos. l.g hensken
  • hensken 10. Mai 2022, 19:14

    danke für deine lobe zu meinen Fotos. l.g hensken
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