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  • i.m.foto-art 28. September 2020, 11:20

    gefällt mir hier, orange.
    VG Ingeborg
  • Jack Humphrey 9. August 2020, 5:08

    Hello Patrick,
    Thank you for your kind note on my profile. Yes, It would be wonderful to remain connected artistically and otherwise. I really admire your work and very often I am at a loss to describe it or what I like about it. I attribute that lack of words to my pedestrian knowledge of art. But, I do know what I like and I know for a fact that I love your work.

    As far as my search for a style goes, I am not exactly sure whether I am actively searching at all. Actually, I hope I never develop a style (whatever that means). The pictures I post are a representation of something I liked in the moment. If something it still there in my gallery, it is not because I like it or wish to have people look at it--it is because I am too lazy to delete it. If I develop a style people will pigeon hole me. I don't want to live in a pigeon hole as I am not a pigeon.

    VG, Jack
  • Jack Humphrey 19. September 2019, 6:12

    I continue to love your work!
    VG, Jack
  • Ingrid66 27. Dezember 2017, 19:41

    Hallo Patrick ,
    vielen Dank für den Kommi zu meinem Bild .

    ganz liebe Grüße Ingrid
  • MadamTinnitus 28. November 2017, 17:53

    ich habe mich über den Besuch auf meiner Seite sehr gefreut, vielen Dank, für deine Lobe!
  • TinuSti 12. November 2017, 16:32

    Hallo Patrick,

    besten Dank für Deine Anmerkung zu "Der Ausflug".
    Ich finde speziell Deine abstrakten Arbeiten spannend.
    Liebe Grüsse
  • Ingrid66 1. November 2017, 22:05

    Hallo Patrick ,
    Danke fürs loben meiner Fotos :-)

    lg Ingrid
  • TinuSti 22. Oktober 2017, 16:29

    Hallo Patrick,

    herzlichen Dank für Deinen Besuch in meinem Portfolio und den Kommentar zu „Journey through time“. Hat mich sehr gefreut.

    LG Tinu
  • Jack Humphrey 18. Oktober 2017, 7:29

    Thanks again Patrick. You may be interested to learn that it was upon viewing one of your works that I thought to dig this one out. They are very different but share something.

    VG Jack
    Winged Gargoyle Auto Destructs into a Million Pieces Due To His Inability To Accept The Unacceptable
    Winged Gargoyle Auto Destructs into a Million Pieces Due To His Inability To Accept The Unacceptable
    Jack Humphrey

  • Jack Humphrey 25. September 2017, 22:54

    Thanks Patrick! I love your abstract work.
    Guten Morgen
    Guten Morgen
    Jack Humphrey
  • Jule1984 14. August 2017, 14:33


    Danke sehr ....für deinen Kommentar zum Bild und dein lob
  • AMD A8 21. Juli 2017, 23:27

    Danke für Deine Likes & Lob zu meinen Fotos

    LG Kamila
  • Ominira Freedom 30. Juni 2017, 19:30

    Herzlichen Dank für dein Lob :-)

    lg ominira
  • Jack Humphrey 4. Juni 2017, 23:03

    Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch Patrick! Und für meine Arbeit zu schätzen.
    The Return of Angelina
    The Return of Angelina
    Jack Humphrey
  • Ingrid66 20. Mai 2017, 21:12

    Hallo Patrick ,
    Danke für den Besuch meiner Seite

    lg Ingrid
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