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kostenloses Benutzerkonto, Grand Rapids

Über mich

I am a novice/amateur photographer and new to this forum. With this forum and fellow photographers I am hoping to learn more from many of you and apply the many lessons to be learned from reading, seeing the images, and practice until I can get right. I am working to learn how be invisible and comfortable, so to capture the moments in time of a everyday place, person/ persons, event or nature in that instant that it happens as if it was second nature to me.

My favorite pass times and passions are my family, our flower and vegetable gardens, photography, visiting gardens and art museums, painting in oils, acrylics, water colors, and mixed media on canvas, country painting boards/barn boards, and art inspired mailboxes which my wonderful husband sprays uv protection clearcoats on at his business for me.

Favorite Photography to shoot: The great outdoors, flowers, plants, landscapes, water-scapes, still life, children, life, art, old buildings/city-scapes, water and building window reflections. I didn't leave anything out did I?

Education: Some college, general, in art, literature, and the school of hard knocks helped along the way too.

What is in my camera case and what I carry with me: New Sony A500 DSLR camera, Cannon point and shoot, camera phone, Sony 55-200mm G-Series telephoto, Minolta 50mm, Minolta 50mm macro lenses, with Hoya UV and circular polarized filters, medium duty tripod, a child's roll up plastic sled($1.59 w/tax), Minolta Maxxum 3000i slide on flash unit (a great flash unit, soft or bright as shot requires. This wonderful flash works well with low light levels indoors, without blinding anyone, or over exposing the shot either as I have found on the A500), sunscreen, eye and ear bulb syringe(cleans off the dust on the lens/filters and sensor,$3.00 on sale) sunscreen and medicated lip balm.

On my list to purchase next: Sony remote, secondary flash unit, car windshield sun reflector, Minolta 28-80mm zoom wide angle 35mm, and Minolta 28mm macro lenses,(not necessarily in that order though).

Please note: I will not be offended by any critiques, as that is how we can learn from others, how to improve what we are doing, and avoid mistakes the next time. Most often I leave words of encouragement and praise though. I hope to hear from all of you at some point in time in the forum, and stop me or let me know if I start to babble your ear off.

I guess that is it for me. Keep on shooting those great and wonderful shots!




Please do not get to angry or annoyed with me as I am a cpu novice too, and not up to date with all of the current how to do this and other things, I am trying a little bit a time.

Kommentare 40

  • Fons van Swaal 31. Dezember 2011, 15:27

    Best wishes..
  • Fons van Swaal 12. Dezember 2011, 15:30

    Best regards and many thanks for all the comments throughout this year ...
  • Vera Shulga 5. Januar 2011, 8:15

    Thank you very much,Rosemarie,for your comment and compliment!
    old rose in old garden
    old rose in old garden
    Vera Shulga
    Regards Vera
  • Adele Oliver 3. Januar 2011, 6:25

    Dear Rosemarie,
    thank you so much for your warm words - wish you and your family all the best for 2011 - best of health and much love and happiness!!!
    greetings, adele
  • Stefan S. Mosley 2. Januar 2011, 21:16

    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments, Rosemarie, and my apologies for the belated response, wish you and your loved ones a prosperous and happy new year.
  • Fons van Swaal 1. Januar 2011, 12:17

  • Birgit Presser 23. Dezember 2010, 22:17

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year
    Birgit Presser

  • Fons van Swaal 18. Dezember 2010, 13:34

  • Adele Oliver 18. August 2010, 3:45

    Thank you so much for all your great comments, Rosemarie .... so nice to find them after my absence. thank you also for your mail. Hope all is ok with you!!
    greetings, Adele
  • Anna Kowalski 1. August 2010, 5:56

    Many thanks for the comments Rosemarie... And the suggestion. I will heed it.


  • Kadriye AYDIN 29. Juni 2010, 14:20

    Hi Rosemarie,Thank you for visit and comment...Kadriye
    Pink roses
    Pink roses
    Kadriye AYDIN
  • Leila Darwish 23. Juni 2010, 8:26

    Hi dear Rosemarie
    thank you for your nice and lovely comment on my pic I appreciate your input.
    Regards Leila

  • Adele Oliver 22. Juni 2010, 17:03

    Thank you for your nice comment, Rosemarie .... so nice to hear from you. Are you not taking any photos??
    Have a nice remaining week!!!
    Greetings, Adele
    Dragon Boats in Action
    Dragon Boats in Action
    Adele Oliver
  • Der Frosch 19. Juni 2010, 13:17

    Thank you so much for your nice comment Rosemarie.

    With kind regards from Germany :-)

    Stefan ( "der Frosch" (the frog) is only my nick ;-) )
  • Fons van Swaal 19. Juni 2010, 10:46

    Thanks a lot Rosemarie for the comment......;-))
    As always much appreciated....
    Best regards and good week-end...
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