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  • Adele Oliver 22. Februar 2015, 4:42

    thank you so much for your visit and kind comment ... I appreciate it a lot !!!
    greetings and wish you a good Sunday,
  • alexander stefanatos 21. Februar 2015, 0:28

    Dear Kadriye, thanks very much for your attention and warm comments on my work. Your photo "Night Worker" is a real cracker!
    friendly alexander
  • RoyHenry Photography 20. Februar 2015, 23:51

    Many thanks, Kadriye, have a great w/end.
  • Deryck 31. Dezember 2012, 10:47

    Let this New Year be filled with happiness, joy and prosperity for you and all your loved ones. Happy New Year. Wish you have a great year ahead.

  • Fons van Swaal 31. Dezember 2011, 15:06

    Thanks a lot my friend for all the comments throughout this past year...
    Best wishes..
  • Adele Oliver 20. Dezember 2011, 3:25

    Seasons Greetings and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year to you and your loved ones !
    A Very Special Christmas
    A Very Special Christmas
    Adele Oliver

  • Canan Oner 15. Dezember 2011, 15:53

    Wishing you all the best
  • Fons van Swaal 12. Dezember 2011, 15:08

    Best regards and many thanks for all the comments throughout this year ...
  • Emir Hadzidervisagic Roki 4. Dezember 2011, 7:50

    Ciao amica Cadriye, ancora una volta grazie per i tuo bellissimo commento per i mia foto che mi molto gratificano come del tua bell'apprezzamento, tante belle cose, buona e felice domenica...Emir
  • Emir Hadzidervisagic Roki 28. Juni 2011, 9:49

    Caio amica Kadriye, davvero tante grazie di cuore per i tu bel e gentile commento come del tua bel'attenzione, tante belle cose ed buona settimana...Emir
  • Luciano Leonio 2. Mai 2011, 17:50

    Complimenti..per tutto...
    un salutone!!!!!
  • Francesco Della Santa 8. April 2011, 23:44

    thanck very very much for your fantastic two comment
    la via per il paradiso (The way to heaven)
    la via per il paradiso (The way to heaven)
    Francesco Della Santa
  • Luciano Leonio 21. März 2011, 12:49

    Grazie di tutto..
    sei molto gentile..
    un abbraccio...
  • Rudolf Wierz 1. Januar 2011, 22:22

    Hallo Kadriye,

    I am very pleased over your good desires to the new year.

    I wish you also the best wishes for 2011.
    Happy New Year.
  • nature-moments 1. Januar 2011, 21:58

    Hi, thanks for the new year whishes. i wish you and your family a happy new year, too!!!

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