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I see photography as the art of showing the beauty of life. Most of the scenes I show here are my efforts displaying the beauty of my country and what makes it great. I have concentrated a lot of my efforts on wild life, but in the past couple of years I've grown into studio work too.

Nature photography is an exciting field in a country where most wild animals live outside zoo's and can be photographed in their natural habitat. I love the hunt, getting the picture, but that will never be at the cost of the animal. I am always careful not to disturb the scene or upset the animals

Please feel free to comment on my pictures. Constructive advice is always welcome

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My son Dawie chose these as his favourites for 2009
Morning has broken
Morning has broken

One Big Happy Family
One Big Happy Family

The Sentry
The Sentry


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  • TOMO11 24. Dezember 2016, 13:25

    Dear Deryck, thanks a lot for your nice comments I appreciate very much. I wish you and your loved ones a merry christmas and a happy new year
    Greetings Thomas
  • CarmenV 11. Juni 2016, 23:35

    Thanks a lot Deryck for your comment on my photo MIST. Very glad you like it, appreciate
  • † cathy Blatt 21. April 2016, 15:28

    Hi Deryck, so nice to hear from you again,also have not seen any of your work for a long term but then I am also active in fits and starts and not always on a regular basis, hope you are well, best regards,cathy
  • fabrizio bertini 8. März 2016, 8:00

    1000 grazie del commento
    ciao fabrizio
    fabrizio bertini
  • TOMO11 24. Dezember 2015, 13:33

    Dear Deryck,
    wish you and your loved ones a merry christmas and a happy new year
    Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes Neues Jahr
    Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes Neues Jahr

    Greetings from Germany
  • Adele D. Oliver 22. Dezember 2015, 22:22

    dear Deryck,
    all my sincere wishes for a peaceful and joyous festive season !!!
    Season's Greetings To All
    Season's Greetings To All
    Adele D. Oliver

    Season's Greetings,
  • Mirjam Burer 20. Dezember 2015, 11:54

    merry Christmas Deryck for you and your loved ones..!
  • Dobla 27. November 2015, 23:05

    Gracias Deryck.
    Un abrazo.
  • Patricia González Schütz 8. November 2015, 20:09

    Thanks for comment!
    Greetings from Italy,
  • Inez Correia Marques 1. November 2015, 10:49

  • Séven van Taisie 15. Oktober 2015, 11:23

    Hey Deryck,

    so I had also a travel to Afrika today - thank you very much - it was great and cheeper than talking a long flight ;) - your pictures are wanderful and I set you on orange like the sunsets over the sea.

    Very nice your gallery -

    Greetings from Séven
  • Inez Correia Marques 15. Juni 2015, 9:19

    Happy birthday my dear dear friend
  • Mirjam Burer 9. April 2015, 9:55

    thank you so much Deryck...have a wonderful day..
  • Adele D. Oliver 22. Dezember 2014, 5:02

    All my best wishes for a wonderful Christmas Season and a healthy and happy
    New Year ..... and thank you for your friendship !!!
    Festive Greetings,
    Happy  Christmas
    Happy Christmas
    Adele D. Oliver
  • Sonja Grünbauer 20. Juli 2014, 18:01

    Yes you are right, Pringle Bay…lovely walk to get there. One way 2,5 hours. groete Sonja
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