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Here I am with my work. I tried to do something different.
I live recently in Rijeka, Croatia. Beauty in every form is my interest, so I try to make something I like and hope you will like it too.

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  • CarmenV 25. Mai 2018, 16:30

    Thank you Christopher and all of you, for your comments and appreciations. It is a wonderful support for me and my work. Thanks again and a big hug to all of you
  • DiverRyan 17. Mai 2018, 15:34

    I know I have commented on many of your works of art, but it is impossible not to. They are so very beautiful to study. I look forward to every time you display another piece. The wonderful part is every time I look at your art I see more. Christopher
  • Dirk-OliverSchröder 12. April 2017, 19:16

    Amazing work Carmen! Just stunning...
    Greetings, Dirk
  • Harold Thompson 12. April 2017, 9:39

    Hi Carmen sorry could not get all your entries due to been a free member tried to see if i could maybe see them on your web page
    :-)) Harold
  • Harold Thompson 11. April 2017, 10:20

    Hi CarmenV
    Thanks for your message we miss seeing your entries mind you we will not see them all now as we are only basic (Free Members ) members But thenks again
    Harold and Sue
  • dominati simone 15. August 2016, 21:06

    Un grand merci Carmen pour tes sympathiques commentaires sur mes photos et cette longue visite . Amicalement . Simone
  • Janos Gardonyi 14. August 2016, 19:55

    My dear Carmen, what can I say? Thank you for your wonderful tribute to my photos. It' an unexpected gift and it is obvious that your love Italy as much as I do. It is fortunate that you live so close to it and can go there any time you feel like it.For me it's not so easy any more...... love, janos
  • † Anne Louise Schneider 14. August 2016, 18:15

    liebe Carmen so viel Lob und Anerkennung von dir
    darüber freue ich mich sehr!!!
    ein Gesicht
    ein Gesicht
    † Anne Louise Schneider

    viele Grüße von Anne
  • manuel daniel rivera 14. August 2016, 11:27

    El mundo de tu imaginación es maravilloso , se ve en tus fotos, y aluga vez me parece poder entrar en el como si fuese mio , Gracias

    " Vida y movimiento" lV
    " Vida y movimiento" lV
    manuel daniel rivera
  • Fausto Vacca FILLO 14. August 2016, 10:25

    Ciao Carmen, ti ringrazio dei bellissimi commenti e della tua gentilezza... Ti auguro un felice Ferragosto. Baci
  • norma ateca 13. August 2016, 23:36

    OHHH querida Carmen v, tus fotos son extraordinarias y cada una es una obra de arte . Me emcionan y tambien me entusiama verlas, contemplarles mucho tiempo y pensar : como lo has logrado ? pue yo al ser solo una hobby fotografin , todo ese arte me resulta desconocido y me alegro mucho de verlo, mil carinios Norma
  • dominati simone 9. August 2016, 9:42

    Des images magnifiques , originales et parfaitement réalisées . Compliments +++++Simone
  • manuel daniel rivera 27. Juli 2016, 11:31

    Gracias Carmen , y te felicito , tienes una galería Impresionante !!!!!

    "El Corazón de Galicia " 4
    "El Corazón de Galicia " 4
    manuel daniel rivera
  • Glenn Capers 26. Juli 2016, 19:43

    the perfect calendar or book cover for a fantasy novel. what talent you are. cheers.
  • Dobla 12. Juli 2016, 21:26

    Gracias por tu visita.
    Marga CF
    Marga CF
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