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My favorite takes are landscapes, my dogs, animals, makros.
Because I can only upload one photo per week, you can also see my pictures on Google and on 500px.

My first camera was a so called "Agfa Klack" which means, you could only push one button to take a picture. But still I managed to take pics of gallopping horses e.g. The next camera I got was one of the first reflex cameras ever built - a "Voigtländer", I forgot what model it was. With this camera - at that time working in a foto-shop and getting black and white films out of date for free - I made my first experiences in real fotography.
Later I used the Fujifilm Finepix bridge camera and my favorite takes are my dogs, landscape and makros.
I am now experimenting with my new used Canon EOS 700D.

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Canon EOS 700D
Canon Objektiv EFS 18-135mm
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