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No rules in photography
Nothing is for granted
Confirming to my own and others existence makes life living beautiful.
Without confirming there is no communication.
Accepting all there is in life...making distinct choices to avoid and clean up blur ...clarity I like and I m on my way loving myself better and better every day.
.Im greatful.
I m an Ex/homeless and i started photography about 3 years ago on the streets using a cellphone.
It s all about wonderes life itself.
Fantasy and imagination
Confrontations and reflections.
Memories and reality today.
Intimacy and being distant
Hope , love and fears
My truth
My eyes
My heart and believes.
I know a lot about technical stuff by now but
Its not that important to me as long a picture talks to me.
I do make many snapshots as they happen on my way through the day.
My cam is always with me and what happens that happens.
SO i almost never put things in scene .
My intuition leads me to the eventual shot that i make.

Thanks for being welcome here and i will take the time to get to know more about you and your work the coming weeks .

And once more >
Nothing is for granted

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  • Cameraqueen 7. September 2018, 16:48

    Great fotos in your portfolio! I like your way to look at the world. I will follow you.
    Kind regards,
  • Martin N Oberpal 12. Juni 2018, 20:23

    Thank you so much Sanne, Stephan, Zweiansichten, Gerry, Frauke )))
  • ARTpixx 27. November 2017, 7:20

    Hi, mein Großer!
  • Zwei AnSichten 14. November 2017, 20:45

    wonderful, you are here ! :-)
  • Gerhard Körsgen 11. November 2017, 6:34

    What a pleasure to see you here :-))
  • Frau Ke 10. November 2017, 23:20

  • Martin N Oberpal 10. November 2017, 22:34

    Hi emhaer, Thanks a lot for your nice comment ..... appreciated.....I m mainly on FB sharing work with alot of other photographers ...there i usualy use title s and a little tekst. Mabey i will here too.....Im new here and have to orientate. My main theme is wonderes life itself .Thanks !
  • emhaer 10. November 2017, 22:22

    Nice and interesting portfolio of Pictures. Your pictures leave quite some room for imagination - which I appreciate. Sometimes I would like to have a hint what you thought -either by a title or some description...

    I like monochrome pictures :-)
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Sony RX !00 , cellphone and since may 2018 the Fuji x100t .....I use the cameras in various situations just as I feel like and I must say that the little Sony is one of the fastest cam s around which I use for speedy streetshots ))) >>>>>>And objectively , there is no better or best camera in general ( I tried many and had studied them ) s about what YOU do with it , thats all.....