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Trauer um Rolf Rock

Rolf Rock †
Rolf Rock †
† Rolf Rock

† Rolf Rock
erlitt während einer Autofahrt bei Inverness einen Gehirnschlag und starb später im Krankenhaus.
Er schreibt selbst in seinem Profil:

*Jeden Morgen stehe ich mit Sehnsucht und Reisegedanken auf, möchte die ganze Welt bereisen und unendlich viele Motive an diesem Tag sehen, aber nur 1 gutes Bild*im Kasten haben*. Das wären 365 gute Bilder im Jahr. Ein schöner *Traum. *

sein letztes Foto für seine Freunde, für uns Alle:

Good by my friends
Good by my friends
† Rolf Rock

Rolf wurde am Montag den 7 August 2006 in Bratislava
im engsten Familienkreis beigesetzt.


The Preventive Centre of the St. Elizabeth Oncology Institute
and the members of FAPS (Fine Art Photography Slovakia)

cordially invite you to visit the international
dedicated to the late founder of FAPS – Rolf Rock (EFIAP)

TRIBUTE to the Master

In February 2003 the German photographer Rolf Rock (EFIAP) installed his impressionistic photographs from Tuscany at the Preventive Centre of the St. Elizabeth Oncology Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia.
This exhibition started the cycle „Healing Art“ at the Preventive Centre. More than 20 artists and craftsmen presented their work utill now (Stano Trepa?, Jitka Bezúrová, Pa?o Macho, Anna and Anton Galko, Jana Hojstri?ová, Vilma Široká-Rejmanová, Ildikó Dobešová, Zuzana Šujanová, Ivona Orešková: painting, photography, glass, fabric crafts, ceramics, dolls, lace, sewing).
The motto of all our exhibions is: “Fine arts support harmony and can facilitate the healing process.“
In 2005, the tenth exhibition was held with the members of FAPS as authors of photographs (Rastislav Blaško, Sofia Farárová, Fero Hobinka, Zoltán Kállay, Tibor Javor, Peter Sekera, Silvia Sen?eková, Vladan P?nkava, Karol Ku?era, Peter Stuhl).

Rolf Rock (1949 - 2006) was the founder and President of FAPS (Fine Art Photography Slovakia), an international photocommunity, and teacher of young adepts of photography (e.g. at the annual Summer Photoschool, Poprad). His goal was to communicate with a big number of photographers all over the world. This goal was, through FAPS, definitely met.
Rolf Rock was born in Germersheim, Germany. He graduated from the Art Academy in Saarbruck department of art photography in 1980. Worked as a freelancer from 1980 to 1997. Rolf Rock was the winner of the German Photo Championship 1977 and participated on more than hundred international exhibitions around the world and has got more than 20 gold medals. He was often member of the jury in several international Salons. Additionally he had a lot of own exhibitions in private and public galleries. The main topics of his work are portraits and impressionistic landscape photography. Since 1998 he lived and worked in Bratislava.
Rolf´s quotation: “Every morning I wake up with the urge in me to travel the whole world and to see the endless themes. Taking one perfect photo daily would mean 365 good pictures during one year. A glorious dream.“

Our recent exhibition at the Preventive Centre is the 17th exhibition of the cycle “Healing Art” and is organized within the frame of the 16th International Festival “Month of Photography”, Bratislava (Part of the European Month of Photography). The importance of this unique event is underlined by the fact that this is the first time, authors from various countries participate on our cycle of exhibitions.

FAPS is a free community of photographers all over the world. The members were deeply hit by the news about Rolf Rock’s death. This Exhibition is a silent photographic tribute to the work and especially the personality of the founder of FAPS.

More than 30 authors from 10 countries participate at this exhibition:

Judy Mandolf (USA), Dubi Roman (Izrael), Ricardo Báez-Duarte (Venezuela), Harald Leban (Austria), Sabine Petermann (Germany), Shirley D. Cross (USA), Michael Buehler (Switzerland), George Cores (Canada), Stjepan Mikulic (Croatia), Matthias Endriss (Germany), Regina Skowronski (Germany), Peter Hauri (Switzerland), Ernst Hermann (Germany), Pavel Nagornov (Russian Federation), Pavol Breier, Boris Michalí?ek,Vladimír Baier, Peter Burda, Marcel Suchý, Rado Zápražný, Peter Sekera, Tomáš Záhumenský, Marek Švantner, Sofia Farárová, Zoltán Kállay, Imrich Škoda, Miroslav Gašík, Peter Stuhl, Viliam Vítek, Tibor Javor, Hubert Polá?ek, Dušan Petho, Van Landárová, Róbert Blaško, Martin Šaár.

The exhibition will be accessible to visitors during working hours from November 28 th, till the end of the year 2006.

http://www.ousa.sk http://www.faps.sk http://www.sedf.sk
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