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  • Ivy Ó Donóghúe 8. November 2005, 13:26

    Hey Julien ... still alive ?!?
    I'm missing new picures
    Hope everything is all right ..
    Please hit me back, if you are still here in the FC ...

  • Stephan Wüthrich 5. November 2005, 8:20

    hi julien
    thank you for your comments for my canada serie!
    Lake in the Rocky Mountains
    Lake in the Rocky Mountains
    Stephan Wüthrich

    greetings from zürich
  • Murielle Schuller 2. September 2005, 20:57

    Coucou Julien,
    ça fait toujours du bien de voir un compatriote ici ((o: Je t'envie beaucoup pour le lieu où tu vis. Profites-en pour moi qui ai quitté la mer pour venir vivr een Bavière. C'est ve qui me manque le plus ici. J'aime beaucoup tes paysages. Je suis impatiente d'en voir plus!
    Bisous et à bientôt!
  • Rita VanDeemter 29. August 2005, 15:17

    Hi Julien,
    Merci, content vous l'aimez. (this is translated by www.freetranslation.com) so hope it's good French:)
    greetings Rita
  • Dennis Veldman 23. August 2005, 16:09

    merci :)
    Greets from amsterdam!
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 19. August 2005, 4:50

    Je vous remercie sincèrement de votre invitation cordiale. Je crois que j'aurai un autre voyage en France à l'avenir. :)
    I started to do photographing just right after the appearance of digital cameras. My experience is only a few years long, therefore I often think of my compositions still much need to be improved. I do pictures concerning my own traveling, flowers, and anything interesting, sometimes my self-portrait. I have Nikon and Olympus series of cameras, several months ago I switched the old D1X to D70. It is my only DSLR, actually it still too heavy and I don't like to use.
    Best regards
  • Wilhelm Harlander 15. August 2005, 23:15

    Servus Julien,

    .....viele Grüße aus Old Germany - Munich City

  • George Cayce 26. Juli 2005, 10:17

    Hi Julien,
    regards from Italy.
    Vive la France :)
  • Mario Leko 13. April 2005, 23:51

    hey julien...what's up?!! hope you're ok...when i'll see more fotos of your nice town??? :)))
  • Irina No 23. März 2005, 15:57

    Privet Julien)
    Thanx for your comments)
    Hi from Russia to France)
  • Julien Salut 12. März 2005, 14:06

    thanks everyone!!
  • Alex Padre 7. März 2005, 0:43

    Thank you for your comment on my photograph "Three Lamps". You have quite a good collection of photographs yourself. I like your photograph entitled "Butterlife".
  • Hudson Valley 26. Februar 2005, 1:22

    Glad you like my cat!!
  • Hudson Valley 11. Februar 2005, 16:45

    Hi Julien. Thank you to your comment in my profile.
    I like your pictures too. You have a variety of interesting pictures.
  • Mario Leko 30. Januar 2005, 20:42

    i'm glad you're back...hope to see more of you and your pics these days...i'm ok...thanks for asking...see u ;))
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