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A Chemist by profession who also dreams to be a photographic artist. Finds interests in shooting nature as well as scientific phenomena.

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  • Christoph Willich 21. Mai 2008, 10:01

    Kumusta Alex!
    " Wonderful Nature Pics ! "
    I like it very much!
    Regards Chris
  • aw masry 9. Mai 2008, 18:18

    sea reflection
    sea reflection
    aw masry
    Hello dear friend
    Thanks in advance for your visit and comments. Much appreciated.
    Best regards – aw. masry
  • -Corrina- 6. Mai 2008, 23:11

    Thanks for the comment alex!
    Corrina :)
  • Gwen Librodo 14. April 2008, 6:36

    hi Alex!
    nice to hear from you again.. :)
    thanks! see you around fc....
  • Klein Fritz 10. Mai 2007, 3:57

    Hello Alex,

    it surprises me to find someone from the Philippines here in the fc...

    Kind regards from Cebu-City...
    ...Carsten... :-)
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 21. Oktober 2005, 13:27

    thanks Alex, for your wonderful comment to my resent photo,"a pelicans love".

    keep bringing down the house
    cheers mate
    jaime ------
  • John Moore 1. September 2005, 15:59

    Thanks Alex for your comments, more photo's needed.
    Best wishes mate.
  • John Bennett 18. August 2005, 16:08

    Thanks Alex, for your comments on stripes.
  • Dana Jeandron 12. August 2005, 7:38

    Thanks Alex for your kind comments to my photos. I am still very new so I appreciate feedback very much!
    Thanks again!
  • Paul Hinndes 8. August 2005, 14:18

    I love your pictures, peculiar flower photos. they are lovely! :-))
  • Danny W. Wilson 28. Juli 2005, 6:47

    Thanks for your kind comments concerning my work. :)

  • John Bennett 20. Juli 2005, 5:33

    Thanks Alex, for your kind comment on "lone Piper" Much appreciated.
    Cheers. John.
  • John Moore 14. Juli 2005, 4:31

    Hello Alex, as you can see, John and are are ready for you next upload.
    Looking forward to it.
  • John Bennett 13. Juli 2005, 21:09

    Hi Alex. Thank you for your kind words on "Phalaeonopsis Ochid". True, the light was bouncing all over the place in this picture, it's amazing the simple things one can use for instance the backdrop was just a piece tracing paper stuck to the window so there was enough light without having to use a flashgun and getting unwanted shadows.
    I see from your lovely photo's that you have many beautiful flowers from where you are. I hope you enjoy your stay with FC and I look forward to seeing many more pictures from you.
  • Tanayia Koonce 2. Juli 2005, 16:33

    Thanks for the advice Alex.
    Best Wishes Tanayia
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