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Past perfect tense...

Past perfect tense...

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Canan Oner

kostenloses Benutzerkonto, Istanbul

Past perfect tense...

Now, stepping into a new 10-year term from 60 to 61, I think just like George Burns, who says:
"You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old."

All the beautiful cards which you spent your precious time on , mails, calls, wishes may look as simple things for some, but they mean a lot for me.

I thank you, for all the nice words, comments, for the little stars which embellish my galery since I became a member here in FC.

I thank you for helping me improve; if you think I did:-) in my work.

Thank you, for the support and caring during my difficult times and rejoicing my good times. Thank you all for making me smile when it was hard for me to.

I thank you all from the deepest corner of my heart for being my friend, for being in my life and for loving me unconditionally..

With much gratitude...
Love and hugs,

Have a lovely weekend....

Kommentare 25

  • CarmenV 25. Mai 2015, 0:36

    Beautiful image and words, as you know to say things
  • lolita cecilia 24. Februar 2014, 23:01

    MARAVILLOSO trabajo....
    Es verdaderamente HERMOSA...
    Un beso Canan
  • Susana Miguel 24. Februar 2014, 15:36

    It is wonderful to have made such a wonderful friend as you are Canan, and your kind, lovely and thoughtful words touch my heart and remind me of the other friends we have found here in the FC.

    George Burns was right, and you are someone to proof that it is most often a matter of the mind and the spirit, age is good, it often makes us appreciate life more, it sometimes gives us more patience and more tools to deal with the everyday "work" that life is.

    So enjoy this new 10-year term with your usual grace and we will be happy to share it with you.

    Big hug

    PS: Just for you to know...people respond to the way you are, so if you feel love, sympathy, joy, etc. it is because you do give yourself this same way....
  • aline64 23. Februar 2014, 16:46

    une création magnifique avec en fond ce visage, , bravo Canan
  • Stefan S. Mosley 23. Februar 2014, 14:44

    The Flower Lady does it again! Absolutely beautiful like all your works, Canan
  • Gelo Charro 23. Februar 2014, 10:31

    Espléndido trabajo, Canan!!
  • Felipe Riquelme 23. Februar 2014, 7:14

    Grandiosa edicion y bonito arte de plasmar y bellisima en su color además precioso todo el color,encuadre y nitidez,me gusto mucho te felicito,saludos.
  • Adele D. Oliver 23. Februar 2014, 0:46

    a very precious card, dear Canan .... and all those beautiful words - heartwarming, and it is really I who has to thank you for your friendship and support during the past years .... congratulations again, 60 years young - and may your future be healthy and happy !!!
    big hug,
  • adriana lissandrini 22. Februar 2014, 19:19

    Dear friend, your words move me much, many thanks to you, also you have given friendship and support in difficult times, I remember it!
    You seem still a little girl, I wish you good health and serenity, love and beauty for many, many years! beautiful delicate work of art
    much hugs, Adriana
  • cornagoae 22. Februar 2014, 18:08

    superbe bises.
  • cornagoae 22. Februar 2014, 18:07

    une très jolie photo bises.
  • Lawson McCulloch 22. Februar 2014, 17:35

    A beautiful card with beautiful words.
    best wishes,
  • Mark Billiau. 22. Februar 2014, 17:30

    Beautifully done and thanks for the words of thanks.

  • Sigrid E 22. Februar 2014, 16:25

    Das ist ein ganz bezauberndes Dankeschön :-)
  • isabel jara 22. Februar 2014, 15:48

    Gracias Canan, primero por entrar en ciclo de edad especialmente interesante y más cuándo se adquiere una sabiduría y sensibilidad como la tuya. Tu nos has hecho soñar con tu fantasía, tu has conseguido a través de tus obras compartir la belleza. en estos tiempos esto no es fácil. Tu me has enseñado ha ser mas creativa, me has trasmitido el poder de la fantásia. Muchos bsitos amiga.************


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