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Mark Billiau.

Premium (World), region Antwerp, Belgium

Carrion Crow

The Carrion Crow, native to western Europe and eastern Asia, is biological considered as a passerine bird, despite his very monotonous ‘chant’.

This scavenger by nature has a broad diet, including carcasses, waste leftovers, insects, small vertebrates and molluscs but they also steal eggs.

Dutch name : Zwarte Kraai
German name : Aaskrähe
Latin name : Corvus corone

Kommentare 30

  • odeveld219 22. Juni 2015, 19:12

    A terrific shot!
    With friendly greetings, Odeveld
  • Danny Liska 20. Juni 2015, 20:50

    Perfekte Schärfe!
    LG Danny
  • aline64 19. Juni 2015, 9:03

    excellent shoot de cet oiseau
  • Inez Correia Marques 18. Juni 2015, 22:24

    Fav i l ove them ... thank you ..super photo Mark
  • Angelika El. 18. Juni 2015, 20:20

    Sie hat sehr schönes, glänzendes Gefieder! Ein ganz feines Portraät!!!

    LG! a.

  • archiek 18. Juni 2015, 17:20

    Your photo of this crow is excellent. Getting him to pose just right with all his feathers in place is a good touch.
  • Vitória Castelo Santos 17. Juni 2015, 23:59

    Sehr sehr feine und schöne Aufnahme.
    LG Vitoria
  • Anita Jarzombek-Krauledies 17. Juni 2015, 22:38

    In einer brillanten Qualität hast Du sie abgelichtet!!! Klasse sieht sie in dem Umfeld aus!
    Viele Grüße Anita
  • GaWu 17. Juni 2015, 21:52

    In diesem Licht könne sogar Krähen wunderschön sein.
    Eine tolle Aufnahme mit schönem Glanz im Auge.
    LG Gabi
  • Rita Möck 17. Juni 2015, 19:29

    der sieht klasse aus.....wundervoll erwischt, in bester Qualität!!!! LG - Rita -
  • rolvin 17. Juni 2015, 19:05

    Great portrait of this intelligent bird. The dark color of its plumage is a wonderful contrast to the green of the meadow.
  • Wolfgang Bazer 17. Juni 2015, 16:48

    Eine ganz hervorragende Aufnahme!
    LG Wolfgang
  • ann margAReT 17. Juni 2015, 12:38

    wie fein er für dich possiert,
    er weiss wohl um seine schönheit.
    eine fantastisch schöne aufnahme ist dir da gelungen.
    lg ann
  • emen49 17. Juni 2015, 10:20

    Klasse Portrait - feines Licht - super Schärfe!
    Viele Grüße

  • s. sabine krause 17. Juni 2015, 10:08

    "…but they also steal eggs" AND summer fat balls hung by idiot songbird supporters like me! they do it again and AGAIN! it's actually quite fascinating how smart and sly they really are! they either tear the net holding the food apart or take it by the string and carry the whole thing off! it's two of them, a couple that's feeding their young, i suppose… they've been raiding my garden forever: they know, where the good stuff is, and criminal energy and sense of timing is absolutely amazing! they are VERY secretive! for quite some time i didn't even know it was them stealing my fat balls. my main suspect was the forever cheeky squirrel… but then one morning, when i pulled open the kitchen curtains, i caught one of them, let's say mr. crow, red-handed! he spooked and flew off. or so i thought… when i stepped out the front door, i noticed him on a neighbor's roof: he was watching me! observing me like a private eye, planning his next move… after i came back from watering my plants in the back yard, the second grease ball was gone! they've been playing tricks on me for days in a row!!! so i finaly stopped hanging grease balls altogether. the sparrows? lost souls now, still searching for that extra fast food dangling from the trees, the growling of their minuscule stomachs a forever audible reproach! ; )) tell it to the crows, birds! they are the ones to blame!! – – nice mugshot of the feathered con artist, mark! his intelligence does show, doesn't it? love the detail of the feathers growing on the root of his beak! greetings, sabine.