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Hello, I am Apostolos Koreas. I like pure, classic, authentic photography, focused on urban life, architecture and people. Primary intention is documentation.

Travelling much around in Europe, walking for hours through cities. Looking for interaction with similar people.

My philosophical guideline is Panta rhei (everything flows), the concept in ancient philosophy of Heraclit.

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  • Uwe Eschstruth 24. November 2022, 16:27

    Vielen Dank, für das Lob und die Anerkennung meiner Fotos.
    Viele Grüße Uwe
  • horst-goessler 24. November 2022, 11:53

    Vielen Dank für das Lob zu meinen diversen Fotos.
    Viele Grüße aus Hamburg  Horst
  • Robert L. Roux 3. Juni 2022, 10:17

    great picture apostolos ... 
    greetings from the north country 
  • Das Fenster zu Russland - ist im Moment zu 6. April 2021, 15:55

    Hallo Apostolos
    Danke für Deine Nachricht. Melde dich doch, falls du eines Tages gen Osten reisen möchtest. 
    Herzliche Grüsse
    P.S. Unsere Homepage: www.russlandreisen.ch
  • koukouwi 15. Oktober 2020, 20:56

    gruß aus duisburg nach frankfurt
  • Allan Karzel 9. Juli 2020, 9:33

    Hello Apostolos,
    there are many interesting pictures here.
    Thank's for visiting my fc-site and like the picture
    Here is something strange from the field of architecture for You
    Linienkorrektur zwecklos
    Linienkorrektur zwecklos
    Allan Karzel

    Greetings, Allan
  • aorta-besler 31. März 2020, 15:30

    Dann hoffe ich Du bleibst gesund!
    Liebe Grüße Gudrun
  • markkeville 30. März 2020, 22:15

    Thankyou for your concern. 
    I am one of very few people who will still be attending a hospital clinic, for a non-coronavirus illness tomorrow. Therefore, I think I must be ill.
    I feel OK at the moment.
    We are all getting older, (if we are lucky).
    We cannot avoid that.
  • markkeville 27. März 2020, 8:47

    Thankyou for your kind comment.
  • Visavis60 18. Februar 2019, 6:41

    Hallo Apostolos!

    Gute Bilder!

    Weiter so!

    LG Roman
  • alexander stefanatos 31. Dezember 2018, 18:03

    Agapite  Apostole
    Happy New Year
  • Argyris Gouvalis 30. Oktober 2018, 19:55

    Efharisto Apostole. Sigoura an xanavretho sta meri sou tha se enimeroso
  • Argyris Gouvalis 29. Oktober 2018, 20:38

    Ton Aprilio eimoun gia 20 meres stin Frankfurt.Mia mera pigame gia volta sto Oberschweinstiege kai meta gia kafe sto Neu-Isenburg
  • Argyris Gouvalis 29. Oktober 2018, 20:03

    Kalispera Apostole, eimai poly kala kai eyxomai to idio kai gia esena. Xairetismata apo Athena
  • alexander stefanatos 3. September 2018, 9:18

    Thanks very much Apostolos for your rquest for friendship which I accept with pleasure. You have my father's name. Any relation with island Naxos? Documentary photography is also my favourite ground as you will understand by lingering over my work. And anything related with history and literature. Presently I enjoy holidays in a small Aegean island and I shall be delighted to exchange photos and views
     with you. friendly  alexander
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More and more a Fujifilm equipment.

However many smartphone photos too / when in hurry.