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Frederick Mann

Pro Mitglied, Wuppertal-Arrenberg

Kommentare 12

  • Nana G 27. Januar 2008, 11:05

    Ich kann mich Wilfried nur anschließen. Sehr schön.
    lg die nana
  • Wilfried Niemer 28. Oktober 2007, 16:52

    Eindrucksvoll dieses Bild, gerade durch seine Reduktion in Farbe und Inhalt.
    Gruß, Wilfried
  • Wolf Maier 25. Oktober 2007, 18:27

    a masterpiece

  • monochrome 24. Oktober 2007, 19:30

    exellent !
  • Gertie 24. Oktober 2007, 19:19

    Countrylike....plowing with so big machines is the daily work of a farmer ...no one remembers the horse-plowing from former times and the many paintings of that.....this is just a modern way...and in decades of years...what might it be then...?? Because you made the pic supposingly with wide -angle it looks very dymanically. Greetings Gertrud
  • Claudia Jenniges 24. Oktober 2007, 17:36

    Thank´s for the detailed answer, Frederick.

    To most of your pics:

    What I wrote (combiner...) had been a kind of a flighty
    it changed to figurative idea and now it´s grown up, adult.
    I´ was able to transform it into words, your work.

    Nice to meet you :)
  • Frederick Mann 24. Oktober 2007, 16:41


    (long pause thinking)


    funny you should say that ... as
    that's what I have been thinking myself
    the last few days.... which is odd
    (not that you were thinking the same thing.. but rather ) because I remember when
    I started to fotograf
    (you were most likely not born then)

    color film was 1. rare
    2. expensive
    3, and I was very opinionated ... thinking
    (yes I thought that too) that one can't really fotograf in color ... because I, as a painter... has control the entire composition... the materia, format (size of canvas or paper) the colors...
    (not that I was then a control freak)..
    but an artist (painter)
    even when he paints portraits or landscapes ... adjusted the color to compositon mood feeling...
    when a person came to pose... wearing a red dress..
    I could paint it white... (with blue stars)
    because it was better for the compositon.
    (do you see what I'm trying to get at this far?)
    (continues without a pause)
    yes.. to make a long story short...
    since I returned to my berufung
    (as man artist failure)
    after my social retirement
    II took up fotografing
    first as relaxation and fun
    ... then,
    when I discovered my artist eye returned..
    (I could see again)
    I started.. well.. you can see.. ummmmm.....

    and so
    it occured to me the other day...
    my opinion about color fotografie has changed ...

    (short pause)

    I myself am amazed how well I manage color mood feeling and compositon...

    thank you claudia... your statement helped me very much to clear out some of the fuzz I have been collectiong between my ears... (you may not see it that way.. but it's true, *g & .
  • Claudia Jenniges 24. Oktober 2007, 15:30

    Frederick, you are combiner from
    form to color or color to form.

    Will you agree?

    Klasse Bild :)))

    LG Claudia
  • Anni R. 24. Oktober 2007, 10:08

    hat was :-))
  • Alexandra Baltog 24. Oktober 2007, 10:00

    hi..good capture .. in your very known style ...
    do you know ...here still are rude ploughs with horses or cows...? :-(
  • christian ... art-n-visions 24. Oktober 2007, 9:14

  • Sigrid nordlicht in der pfalz 24. Oktober 2007, 8:16

    landwirtschaft von seiner romantischen seite! schön!