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when one fine sunny morning a little rabbbit appeared
underneath our cherry tree and declared it home,
i bought myself a camera to document his life.

duel duel s. sabine krause 22.02.12 36


acorns drop
kernels pop
seasons stop
me? i hop!
©s. sabine krause 2008-2014

PHOTOS, TEXTS ©s. sabine krause
all photos taken with my little olympus FE-310



thanks to everyone who visited my 2013 exhibition "rot!" in berlin, much appreciated!
thanks to the "galerie unter der treppe" for having me!

galerie unter der treppe
zentrum danziger 50
danziger str. 50
10435 berlin

bis aufs blut bis aufs blut s. sabine krause 11.08.13 28 noir noir s. sabine krause 05.12.12 53 in the rain in the rain s. sabine krause 22.08.12 67


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  • Mirjam Burer Mirjam Burer , 19.07.14

    thank you so much for your poetic comments always, Sabine...
    how can I write a comment under a comment ?
    lg, Mirjam

    Relaxing ..(2) Relaxing ..(2) Mirjam Burer 15.07.14 15

  • TeresaM TeresaM , 12.07.14

    Un peu de douceur dans un monde de ... - 5 Un peu de douceur d… TeresaM 11.07.14 120 Black Man in the Storm Black Man in the Stor… TeresaM 18.07.14 122
    MERCI beaucoup, Sabine, pour ton avis sur ces présentations !
    Que serions-nous sans tes commentaires fantastiques ;-)))
    Amitiés & bon weekend,

  • Janos Gardonyi Janos Gardonyi , 11.07.14

    oh dear, VERDI a German trade union? if I recall Verdi hated the Austrians (i.e. Germans) and his name was an acronym, a rallying cry for Italians fighting the oppressors during the Risorgimento.
    poor Maestro will rotate in his grave with lightining speed :)))
    thanks for the crit........ janos ( a bit of a Verdi aficionado with a long chapter on him in my recently published book on Opera)
    VIVA VERDI !! VIVA VERDI !! Janos Gardonyi 11.07.14 2

  • TeresaM TeresaM , 10.07.14

    Sognando un vacanza.... Sognando un vacanz… TeresaM 09.07.14 107
    J'ai bien écouté.... je n'ai pas entendu les agneaux ;-)))))))))))))
    ... je te rappelle que le (vrai) panama de notre ami est blanc ;-))
    Merci chère Sabine pour ton commentaire !!!
    Bisous & bonne soirée,

  • Berthold Klammer Berthold Klammer , 10.07.14

    Flowers - Daisy #3 Flowers - Daisy #3 Berthold Klammer 09.07.14 7

    Hallo Sabine, thank you for answering and for the comment. For me it is a basic question
    because more and more the editing becomes part of the final image and exactly here arises
    the issue of the limits. Since a longer time I read a magazine "B&W Photography" (subscription as an e-paper, excellent magazine) which covers both worlds - the analogue film photography and the digital world. Here I often see wonderful analogue images - from time to time realized by a complicated old printing processes. But in the meantime I know what is possible on the digital editing side and just then question arises: fake or not. All in all your answer supported my intension to continue on exploring all the new possibilities. Best regards Berthold

  • Janos Gardonyi Janos Gardonyi , 09.07.14

    please forgive the passive aggression or aggressive passion, dear Sabine..... nice handling of the English language - Fred Raphael move over!! grazie per commento, danke scho"n l/g janos
    (you'll hear from me yet!)

  • FonsvanSwaal FonsvanSwaal , 09.07.14

    Heron caught young Coot Heron caught young … FonsvanSwaal 07.07.14 4

    Thank you very much Sabine.....
    Congratulations with the 7-1 winning against Brasil yesterday.....:-)
    Boy what a match........!!!!

  • Claudio Micheli Claudio Micheli , 07.07.14

    Many thanks, Sabine!

    Visiting Georgia  - 2 - Visiting Georgia - 2 … Claudio Micheli 05.07.14 120

    Have a nice week!
    Ciao, Claudio

  • Berthold Klammer Berthold Klammer , 07.07.14

    Dear Sabine, thanks you so much for your extensive comments - love reading them!
    This essay about the traveling circus in our town was in my mind since a couple of weeks without knowing that it suddenly would happen. The kick to this topic came by the photos of Mary Ellen Mark who had photographed many circus members in India a longer time ago. Unfortunatly I had some privat retrictions so that this series was the result of about an 1 1/2 h of work and I would have very much returned again to complete my ideas, but it didn' work....LG Berthold

  • TeresaM TeresaM , 06.07.14

    La fantaisie du dimanche matin - 57 La fantaisie du dima… TeresaM 06.07.14 143
    Merci beaucoup, Chère Sabine, pour ton avis sur cette fantaisie !!
    Oui.... j'ai parfaitement compris ta pensée ;-)))))))))
    Bisous & bonne semaine,