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Über mich


when one fine sunny morning a little rabbit appeared
underneath our cherry tree and declared it home,
i bought myself a camera to document his life.

feariosity feariosity s. sabine krause 17.09.10 17


acorns drop
kernels pop
seasons stop
me? i hop!
© s. sabine krause 2008-2015

PHOTOS, TEXTS © s. sabine krause
all photos taken with my little olympus FE-310



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  • Mirjam Burer Mirjam Burer , 29.01.16

    Tender family love .. Tender family love .. Mirjam Burer 25.01.16 75
    thank you Sabine... I also guessed the right one is his older brother...
    have a wonderful weekend, lg, Mirjam

  • D. Ynoche D. Ynoche , 27.01.16

    tks for your comment under:
    7,5 kg in the sink 7,5 kg in the sink D. Ynoche 05.01.16 20
    here an explanation:
    especially for you....:
    I remember the gremlins comedy (thanks for the link). to be honest I did not like it at all....
    and Luna is such a gentle cat she can never be nor become a gremlin. she has very short hair and loves to be brushed every evening, if possible a long time.... so her fur is not at all ruffled, but due to the short hair it " folds " as you can see...
    greetings D.

  • alexander stefanatos alexander stefanatos , 27.01.16

    My dear Sabine, from what I gather this witty Ulysses must have been, after all, a very wicked kind of character...After deceiving the Trojans with his wooden horse, Homer tells us that he planned his way back full of nostalgia for his beloved. The fact is that he took his time and did..ten years to come back not only because of rough seas but...because of the services of wicked Kirki, of the beautiful sirenes and of so many other probably.. extremely pleasurable adventures while back home faithful wife Penelope, dog Argos, friends, countrymen and God knows how many more were waiting patiently for him!... But, any way, with all respect to Mythology and to our great poet we praise him as symbol of boldness, tenacity, insistence, endurance and homeland nostalgia!...And so we must!..
    thanks for your comments, my best regards

  • Coralejo Coralejo , 18.01.16

    ZEIT - Autor: Ernst Lipps + Fotografie / Model: Olya; FC ZEIT - Autor: Ernst Li… Coralejo 15.01.16 9

    Danke Dir ganz besonders, Sabine ;-)
    LG, Coralejo

  • Irbenika Irbenika , 31.12.15

    Dear Sabine Thanks a lot)))) Happiness and good luck, too!


    Privet, Ira

  • Leo_nid Leo_nid , 30.12.15

    Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Leo_nid 30.12.15 21

  • TeresaM TeresaM , 29.12.15

    . * . * . * . Bonne année 2016 . * . * . * . . * . * . * . Bonne ann… TeresaM 28.12.15 199
    MERCI Sabine pour ta présence et des commentaires uniques.
    Je te remercie pour tes vœux et te souhaite à mon tour une belle et douce année 2016 *****
    Amitiés :-)

  • Michael Janz MJ Michael Janz MJ , 26.12.15

    vielen Dank für den schönen Kommentar...

    VG Michael J.

  • Dinu Filipescu Dinu Filipescu , 25.12.15

    Wishing you all the joys and happiness of Christmas.The gift of love. The gift of peace. The gift of happiness. May all these and more be yours at Christmas now and throughout the New Year. And, of course, a lot of the wonderful images still to come .

  • D. Ynoche D. Ynoche , 24.12.15

    XMAS 2015 in Peace ! XMAS 2015 in Peace ! D. Ynoche 20.12.15 26

    honest YOU are the only person who realized those special stars.... I thought they are stars and included them in my compo for Xmas. It's good to know that you SEE and not 'skim' photos nor text... I respect much persons who are not superficial... once again: Merry Xmas! greetings D.