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when one fine sunny morning a little rabbbit appeared
underneath our cherry tree and declared it home,
i bought myself a camera to document his life.

duel duel s. sabine krause 22.02.12 36


acorns drop
kernels pop
seasons stop
me? i hop!
©s. sabine krause 2008-2014

PHOTOS, TEXTS ©s. sabine krause
all photos taken with my little olympus FE-310



thanks to everyone who visited my 2013 exhibition "rot!" in berlin, much appreciated!
thanks to the "galerie unter der treppe" for having me!

galerie unter der treppe
zentrum danziger 50
danziger str. 50
10435 berlin

bis aufs blut bis aufs blut s. sabine krause 11.08.13 29 noir noir s. sabine krause 05.12.12 54 in the rain in the rain s. sabine krause 22.08.12 68


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  • Mirjam Burer Mirjam Burer , 20.10.14

    Amor (2) .. Amor (2) .. Mirjam Burer 16.10.14 24

    thank you so much Sabine for your impressive poetic have got a special talent..
    have a good week, lg, Mirjam

  • Alexa frost Alexa frost , 20.10.14

    Thank you Sabine for your feeling on this picture.
    Have a nice week!
    Big Hug

    Nous partirons... Nous partirons... Alexa frost 16.10.14 25

  • alberto16-menuder alberto16-menuder , 16.10.14

    grazie Sabine una felice serata ciao-Alberto
    camminando in alta quota camminando in alta … alberto16-menuder 16.10.14 34

  • Claudio Micheli Claudio Micheli , 13.10.14

    Hi Sabine!
    Thank you very much!

    Tamil Nadu - 7 - Tamil Nadu - 7 - Claudio Micheli 12.10.14 105

    They are looking at the see...!
    Ciao, Claudio

  • Felipe Riquelme Felipe Riquelme , 12.10.14

    Sabine: Gracias por tu pensamiento hacia mi foto,alegría de saber que te gusto,un abrazo,saludos.
    LA MARIQUITA EN FLOR LA MARIQUITA EN FLO… Felipe Riquelme 09.10.14 72

  • TeresaM TeresaM , 12.10.14

    STATE OF MIND - XX STATE OF MIND - XX TeresaM 11.10.14 143
    MERCI Chère Sabine pour ton avis sur ce "state of mind" ... et le sourire du dimanche matin !!
    Je te souhaite une excellente journée :-)

  • JValentina JValentina , 09.10.14

    Querida Sabine,
    Te doy la gracias por tan hermoso comentario a esta foto de la "vida".
    Un abrazo amiga

    La vida.. La vida.. JValentina 08.10.14 38

  • cathy Blatt cathy Blatt , 09.10.14

    Liebe Sabine, tausend , tausend Dank fuer dein wunderbares KOmmentar, die BIlder sind noch vom Januar, konnte sie aus irgend einem Grund nicht auf den Rechner laden, und jetzt klappt es aber und bin erstaunt was ich so finde. Dieses war in "slow motion" Stimme mit Mirjam ueberein, Dein Kommentare sind wie Poesie, soviel Feingefuehl und "sensitivity" vielen Dank, GRuss, cathy

  • Mirjam Burer Mirjam Burer , 09.10.14

    The thinker .. The thinker .. Mirjam Burer 05.10.14 19

    thank you Sabine, for your always wonderful comments, you should publish them, they are so fine and entertaining to read...compliment!
    lg, Mirjam

  • Janos Gardonyi Janos Gardonyi , 08.10.14

    Hi Sabine, I guess fantasy and the surreal is in my blood being an architect..... during the many years in practice how often I was told by workmen & others: "that bloody architect again dreamed up some stupid thing that doesn't even work..... and now we have to BUILD it !!! Amazingly enough it worked and still standing.... thanks again for you kind and IMAGINATIVE commentary. l/g janos
    EASY RIDER EASY RIDER Janos Gardonyi 07.10.14 3