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when one fine sunny morning a little rabbit appeared
underneath our cherry tree and declared it home,
i bought myself a camera to document his life.

feariosity feariosity s. sabine krause 17.09.10 17


acorns drop
kernels pop
seasons stop
me? i hop!
© s. sabine krause 2008-2015

PHOTOS, TEXTS © s. sabine krause
all photos taken with my little olympus FE-310



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  • Berthold Klammer Berthold Klammer , 23.05.15

    Thanks for your comments...deleted the brackets!
    regards Berthold

  • Jürg Scherrer Jürg Scherrer , 20.05.15

    Sonntags-Stiefmütterchen Sonntags-Stiefmütter… Jürg Scherrer 16.05.15 26

    Liebe Sabine -
    Vielen herzlichen Dank für Deinen Besuch und für Deine sehr nette Anmerkung, die mich besonders freut.
    Aber eben, bei Dir kann man ja nicht von Anmerkung sprechen, es ist vielmehr eine Fantasie-Explosion........! Wünsch Dir alles Beste - mit vielen lieben Grüssen aus Italien.

  • alexander stefanatos alexander stefanatos , 18.05.15

    My dear Sabine, your lovely comments on my "The Lonely Boat" were really so much welcommed and, once more succeeded( your photos have quite often done that before!) in reopening to me chapters long ago closed and almost forgotten from my...very early years of life! Just immagine the very first time I came across the romantic story of poor Lady of Shalott was in my last High School (Lyceum) year at the American College from where I graduated, when a young very gifted but also "herretic" American prof decided to turn us familiar with certain tresors-as he said- of American and English litterature. Among plenty of others suggested by him was Myriel Spark's novel "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" which we've read in class and in which the story of The Lady of Shalott is mentioned, actually Tennyson's poem! I remember it very vividly because it initiated a further scrutiny on the subject and you know how much-especially in those years- youth was sensitive in such stories about knights, Sir Lancelot, king Arthur etc,etc... Of course, a thousand years after, at the time of seing the lonely boat and pressing the shutter, it never occurred to me that possibly the aetherial body of a shrouded in a mist dead girl could lie in there on her way to a Kastorean Camelot!...
    have a nice week

  • Carlos García Jiménez Carlos García Jiménez , 16.05.15

    Hello S. Sabine, I just read your comment over the bear's picture from Mirjam, it denotes a deep knowldege of the folklore, moreover the one that is trasmitted oraly in fact the tale you mentioned, Snow white and the roses was one of my favorite when child..thanks for bringing out to the open, to me was an amazing event..


  • Mirjam Burer Mirjam Burer , 15.05.15

    danke Dir Sabine für das Märchen..Schneeweisschen und Rosenrot...
    wünsche Dir ein fantastisches Wochenende..
    lg, Mirjam

  • Franz Sklenak Franz Sklenak , 13.05.15

    Himmel und Erde...was für eine Interpretation zu meinem Bild. Die kann nur von Dir kommen.
    Lieben Gruss

    After the Rain After the Rain Franz Sklenak 08.05.15 122

  • TeresaM TeresaM , 08.05.15

    Quo Vadis ? - bis Quo Vadis ? - bis TeresaM 07.05.15 102 Thank God... it's Friday !!! - 8 Thank God... it's Frid… TeresaM 08.05.15 97 STATE OF MIND - XXIV Das Foto wurde in die Galerie gewählt STATE OF MIND - XXI… TeresaM 09.05.15 217
    Tes commentaires, Clarice, sont toujours un régal ;-)))))
    Amitiés & délicieux weekend, Chère Sabine !!

  • Franz Bernhardt Franz Bernhardt , 05.05.15

    symmetry ? geometry ? coquetry ? symmetry ? geometr… Franz Bernhardt 03.05.15 15

    Vielen Dank für deine köstlichen, ja elefantösen Kommentare (sogar ein Apfel kam drin vor, und den finde ich besonders köstlich!!! ;-)) )
    Ein kleines Antwortgedicht liegt dem obenstehenden Foto bei!


  • TeresaM TeresaM , 05.05.15

    Mistral Gagnant - 4 Das Foto wurde in die Galerie gewählt Mistral Gagnant - 4 TeresaM 02.05.15 229
    Merci beaucoup, Sabine, pour ton avis sur ce portrait :-)))))
    Amitiés & bonne journée,

  • TeresaM TeresaM , 01.05.15

    Un beau premier mai pour toi, Sabine !!!
    Et plein de bonheur pour toute l'année.