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I am a human who is interested in taking beautiful pictures. I am not a pro and I am still trying to learn with each and every passing day. So thanks for your help in advance.

I am interested in music, poems, history, architecture, everything dark and gloomy, symbolism, the linearity of nature, reading and writing ( I write poems and short stories and other things related to my work ), opposites and contraries like dark and light, love and hate, sun and moon, yin and yang and so on.

If you have any questions, just ask em and i will answer if it is nothing concerning my privacy, which is holy to me.

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  • Adele Oliver 26. Oktober 2020, 0:13

    thank you for your visit and many "likes". I appreciate
    it very much !!!
    greetings from Vancouver,
  • Henning Ruhser 24. Oktober 2020, 12:34

    Hallo Viad,
    thank you very much for your friendly request! It si good to see, that you also enjoy the nordic art deco!
    Bes regards
  • Mario F Meier 21. Oktober 2020, 6:03

    Thank you for the appreciation, kind regards, Mario

    Pilatus Steinbock 01
    Pilatus Steinbock 01
    Mario F Meier
  • alexander stefanatos 8. Juni 2016, 23:04

    Hi Vlad, Thanks from my heart for your request which I accept with great pleasure. We all try to learn from each other and definitely any suggestion, opinion and criticism will be welcomed and indispensable.
    friendly regards


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