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  • Franky Boy.. 24. Februar 2012, 10:22

    ha ha ha so manny and his brother and me had been speakers at photoworld manila
  • Franky Boy.. 21. Februar 2012, 5:16

    ah Librodo, are you a relative to the Librodo photographer brothers?
  • Alfi54 10. August 2011, 18:13

    Thx a lot for your kind comment to regards Alf,_Luxembourg
  • Mira Mara 25. Juli 2011, 23:06

    Thanks Gwen for your comment!
  • Alfi54 20. Juli 2011, 17:32

    Thanks a lot for your comment to ..... by the way I'll spend 6 to 8 weeks in the Phils by January / February 2010 .... Regards Alf
  • Gallus Pictures present 31. Oktober 2009, 20:20

  • Herbert K 20. Januar 2009, 15:58

    Hi Gwen!
    Here is a small nice memory from our unoffical FC-Meeting
    Dear greets and take care

  • Herbert K 26. November 2008, 17:41

    THX for the great Pics of my last and next Destination
    dear greetz Herbert
  • Alex Padre 14. April 2008, 12:33

    Hi Gwen! Have been having trouble connecting with fotocommunity sometime ago. That is why only now I have managed to again browse this site. Previous months I was not able to browse this site only to know that there was something wrong with the network settings in my office. Now I access using my own connection at home so I guess I can now visit fotocommunity regularly. :) By the way, visited your photos, they are very nice. :)
  • Christoph Willich 10. März 2008, 15:53

    Kumusta Gwen! U have create very wonderful pics ! I get homesick to the Philippines especially in Province !
    Kindly regards Chris .
  • Charles Betz 18. Februar 2008, 18:23

    Your exotic shots are breathtaking!
  • Flying 12. Februar 2008, 23:08

    Hello Gwen,
    thanks a lot for your comment. You've got great picture, I like them.
    How could you know that the picture you wrote your comment to has really got something to do with a very sadly ending love story ???
    Best wishes to you
  • Heinz J. Theis 23. Januar 2008, 12:27

    Thx for your kind comment.
    Staying at the UP (Manila) for 3 weeks a couple of years ago, I got to appreciate the Philippines a lot, especially the the kindness of the people there.
  • Lena Zak 24. Dezember 2007, 15:23

    Hello Gwen,
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
  • Lena Zak 24. November 2007, 23:05

    Hello Gwen, thank you very much for your kind comments - I read them this morning and you lighted up my day :o) Leny
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