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I have joined fotocommunity end January 2007 and have not regretted it for a moment! I feel I have a lot to learn and getting your comments helps me develop a better eye for technique, detail and composition. It's incredible how you get exhilirated about a photo (yours or other's) and can't wait to share it with your buddies! I had never expected to have that online!

Currently I am in the midst of an intermediary fotocourse, with projects and series we have to do as assignments. I look forward to sharing them with you too...

So please continue to share your work and commenting mine. I continue to look forward to that!!!


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  • CsomorLászló 11. April 2007, 18:06

    Thank you for your nice comment!
  • Cor van den Doel 7. April 2007, 19:05

    Cornelie, thanks for your comment to...
    Cor van den Doel

    Regards, Cor
  • Lubos Vanek 4. April 2007, 22:48

    Thank you Conelie for commenting my picture, I like your work. Lubos
    Under the Trees
    Under the Trees
    Lubos Vanek
  • CsomorLászló 31. März 2007, 15:55

    Thank you Cornelie!
    I'm glady you like my pic-:)
  • CsomorLászló 30. März 2007, 8:18

    Thanks Cornelie
  • vincent herry 14. März 2007, 13:44

  • vincent herry 6. März 2007, 17:22

    I like your style, honestly.

    warmest greetings from BALI
  • Ulrich Geimer 9. Februar 2007, 13:03

    Hallo Cornelie,

    welkom bij de FC. Sluit me bij Ruud aan. Er zijn al heel wat landgenoten bij deze club. Succes met mooie foto's schieten.
    Groet, Ulrich
  • Luc Grollie 3. Februar 2007, 16:23

    welkom aan boord !!!!
    groetjes uit België !!!!
  • Wendy de With 2. Februar 2007, 20:33

    Thank you for your nice comment on my picture, Cornelie. I appreciate it.
    En veel plezier hier bij de FC! :-)
    Groeten, Wendy

  • Pascal Viyer 28. Januar 2007, 16:52

    De Jong, un nom connu en France. J'avais de la famille, autrefois, aux Pays-Bas. Van Leeuwen... J'ai un peu de sang Dutch !
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