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Photography is all about communication. Technical perfection is beautiful but being clear graphically
and thematically is essential. Studied a bachelor in advertising. I write and speak spanish in my home country, english is a second language ;-) and I am taking a course in german 101 ;-). I Find cultural differences between people a great tool of learning and enjoying life.
I am not a full time pro, but i've been published a lot of times in record covers and in local magazines since 1990.

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  • Joe Cortés - Cortes Photography 17. Oktober 2009, 16:11

    La verdad que tienes tremenda galeria y un excelentisimo trabajo. Gracias por servir como inspiración.
  • Eli Samuel Santa 8. Januar 2006, 5:24

    Saludos! No puedo evitar pensar que eres de PR ya que la mayoría de los artistas que veo en tus “Portraits” son Boricuas. Me gusta tu trabajo. Tienes una perspectiva refrescante. Regards!
    Eli Samuel Santa
  • Wilhelm Harlander 30. November 2005, 21:10

    Servus Angel,

    .......thank you very mutch for your proposal.

    Barbara becam a star *

    A N D R O M E D A
    A N D R O M E D A
    Wilhelm Harlander

    willi - germany - munich

  • Dida Atanasova 3. November 2005, 10:48

    hi u have got really professional pics....i like ur art
  • Wilhelm Harlander 30. Oktober 2005, 0:20

    Servus Angel,

    .....thank you very mutch - the Picture becames a STAR *

    is it any wonder
    is it any wonder
    Wilhelm Harlander

    willi - Germany - Munich
  • Casey Binns 28. September 2005, 3:07

    Hey Angel thanks for nominating my photo, I can see you know a little something about pic's. You have an excellent gallery.
    Sugar on the Tracks
    Sugar on the Tracks
    Casey Binns
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 26. September 2005, 0:14

    Hi angel i reaLLY enjoy going through your gallery, you have some exquisit photos.
    very professional.

    i am inspired.
    i cant wait to hear what you think about mine.

    jaime :)
  • Wilhelm Harlander 29. August 2005, 20:20

    Servus Angel,

    .....thank you very mutch - the Picture becames a STAR *

    willi - Germany - Munich
  • Wilhelm Harlander 18. August 2005, 10:09

    Servus Angel,

    vielen Dank für Deinen Vorschlag zu meinem Motiv:

    A D I N F I N I T U M
    A D I N F I N I T U M
    Wilhelm Harlander

    willi - Germany / Munich

  • Chris Clausee 13. Juli 2005, 8:03

    You photos are lovely, i like them a lot :-))
  • Michael Maytal 13. Juni 2005, 17:23

    hey...thanks for your comment...enjoyed yours too , specialy the bridge.
  • Wilhelm Harlander 12. Juni 2005, 11:58

    Servus Angel,

    viele Grüße aus Old Germany - Munich City

  • David Mach 16. Mai 2005, 16:25

    David Mach

    Thanks for the positive comments and viewing my work.
  • Visiones de vida. 6. Mai 2005, 16:09

    Angel,...mucha gracias por tu comentario en mi profile, pero modestamente todavia me falta mucha experencia, aun ahora que e tenido el placer de conocer a photographos de tu calibre, estoy agradecido que tomaste el tiempo to ver mis imagenes y te he agregado a mis buddy list!...:)))

    Oye, soy puertoriqueño, pero my cuñada si es,..and boy!..she can treat us to some arroz con gandules y tostones,..good stuff man!...

    fuerte abrazo desde Texas!

  • Kevin Lake 24. April 2005, 20:39

    you have some great work on here. i expect to see it the the media in the not too distant future. great stuff
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