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Hi to all visitors from around the world... thanks for having a look

I'm Andy from the north west of England.
My favourite subject is landscape & nature but I photograph anything that I find interesting or unusual.
Feel free to comment & criticise, I'm interested to hear why you like or dislike my photos.

I never add anything to my photos ... to me that's digital art ... nothing wrong with that, but it's not what I do. I mainly use Lightroom to crop, dodge & burn and make colour adjustments. I do clone out litter or other junk if it distracts. I have tried HDR and it has its uses .... but if it looks like HDR, for me, it's gone too far. That's my photographic "Ethical Policy" but of course you are entitled to disagree.

When I leave a comment, I sometimes say how I would have done things differently - don't worry, this is not a criticism of your work ... it is just an observation. I welcome the same from you.

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