Otto Haesler: Blumläger Feld

Otto Haesler: Blumläger Feld

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Otto Haesler: Blumläger Feld

Haesler, Otto (1880–1962). German pioneer of industrialized housing construction and member of Der Ring from 1926. He designed buildings on the Dammerstock Estate, Karlsruhe (1927–8), collaborating with Gropius, and also designed numerous Modern Movement developments at Celle (1920–31), Kassel (1929–31), Misburg (1931) and Rathenow (1946–51).

This photo is taken by Roland Posner, TU Berlin. One of my most intense concerns why I post them here is to present these houses as examples of modernism which by the time have grown older. They have not been kept in a lasting state of sterile or fresh ‘bauhaus-style’. Yet they are excellent houses one can live in (as I experience). Each flat has a garden to grow vegetables in. The houses look modern in a wider sense – in the sense of still showing the calculization of their plan.

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