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The Story of Mkho and his Passport

This is Mkhitar, known as Mkho, holding his passport in his right hand.

Why? Read on.

We were driving towards the town of Saghmosavan, when we asked this man for the way to Saint Sion church. He agreed to show us the way - in return we had to drive him home after our visit at the church.
The woman who opened the church told us not to accept his offer for dinner, as Mkho would get drunk and talk until midnight.
As advised, we turned down his proposal to have a meal with his family.
I could not resist and had to get a shot of him.
He happily accepted to have his picture taken, but strongly insisted it better be a good one. All pictures of him were rubbish, because he never looks nice, we were told. Even his passport picture was a bad one, although he had dressed in his best clothes.
He had gotten drunk before the photo shoot.

I hope to have fulfilled my duty, which may have been a little easier, as he seemed to be sober at the time we met him.

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