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Test tests of model of Natasha

Test tests of model of Natasha

9.536 8

Serguei Kovalev

Free Mitglied, Moscow

Test tests of model of Natasha

Natasha's other photos can be looked on my site

Kommentare 8

  • Andreas Florian 31. März 2013, 16:09

    Nice Model
  • FotoWeltArt2013 18. August 2012, 0:16

    Süße Maus !
  • Kombizz Kashani 9. September 2007, 18:51

    beautiful eyes
    I reckon you concentrate on her eyes rather than her breast
    then you would have a winner image
    Is she 17teen?
  • John Moore 8. Mai 2005, 16:42

    Serguei. you have caught the magic within the ladies eyes. Wonderful shot.

  • Vladimir Danilov 10. März 2005, 12:02

    Pozy, pozy, pritsepilisj... Devochka - krasavitsa.
    Edinstvennoje - mozhno bylo sledy ot kupalnika zaretushirovatj
  • Richard Overtoom 9. März 2005, 1:11

    wonderful picture!
    i dont think it looks any strange at all. her pose leaning forward complements her looking up very well. the models hair and skin colors go well together with the grass and the sky. also her chest does not distract me (well, ok you got me there :-))
    the only thing which i dont like is the background. a village or something?
    best regards, richard
  • Amigo Zomtec 8. März 2005, 19:10

    ...beautiful eyes :-)...regards tom...
  • Tony AKa fototaker 8. März 2005, 17:11

    nice foto but look strange because she is looking away from the camera. also the tanlines (skin where it is light next to skin that is dark) is distracting. a nicer pose might have been her standing straight instead of bending like this. she is a busTy woman, and in bending, it makes her bust appear biGGer. doesnt help that she is wearing something that pushes out her breasts also... BUT overall, a pleasing pix that can be improved....



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