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Saul Saul

Free Mitglied, San Francisco

Kommentare 4

  • Saul Saul 17. Dezember 2006, 18:35

    thanks all. yes the saturation could be a little overboard...the dangers of photoshop! though if you look at the textures in the mountains in the background, it looks ok to me. the light in morocco is intense...well on screen images are never perfect, it's the print that counts (IMO)...
  • schnell und vergänglich 17. Dezember 2006, 12:11

    wonderful :-)
  • Heidi Schneider 17. Dezember 2006, 11:43

    Yes, a very quiet and discreet dialogue. I like the twisted posture, the empty path and the warm colours. I wouldn mind though less saturated colours.
  • Alexander Ziegler 17. Dezember 2006, 11:20

    you did not post this one on PN?
    I remember one with a path going up into the mountains and a wall and buildings on the right. I guess this is the same place.

    great with the shadows of the clothes and the shape of the child entering in an interesting dialog.


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