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Look!!! What you found !!!!

Look!!! What you found !!!!

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Rigel Sternchen

Free Mitglied, Berlin

Look!!! What you found !!!!

A friend wrote this poem for me long time ago coz he wanted me to look at it when i'm sad

Friend :

"Take your heart and let it fly
All the way up in the sky
Lift your head and look around
You will see that love can be found
In a bus or in a train..on the street .. when it’s rain
No matter who when and why
Love set you free and make you fly
Love can hurt and make you cry
I know that is true and not a lie
But love will give you more than it takes
Just move on and learn from your mistakes
So go out there and lift your head high
Don’t look back and cry"

I just had time to write back to tell friend my story and what i feeled at the moment.

Rigel :

"I opened heart and I did fly
Heading above to the sky
There was no love ..I was too blind
On the street I did not find
On the bus that passed me by
And even in his eyes…
That’s why I cried,
coz there’s no sign that sent to me
My heart was hurted .. “He” made me cry
He told the truth ..It’s not a lie
“Just the LOVE” that he could find
Still I cried coz it’s not for me
I can’t forgive ..So lets him go
Learning from mistake ..and I’ll grow
( I’d never ever love an A_SHO_E )"

I can't write all the letters down ..so fill the blake what u ever want or think it should be!!!

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