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Augen-Blicke ( riding the new chinese motor roller)

Augen-Blicke ( riding the new chinese motor roller)

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Frederick Mann

World Mitglied, Wuppertal-Arrenberg

Augen-Blicke ( riding the new chinese motor roller)

Wuppertal-Arenberg (neighbor's house mirrored in picture window)
Wuppertal-Arenberg (neighbor's house mirrored in picture window)
Frederick Mann

Kommentare 9

  • E-Punkt 18. Februar 2008, 19:48

    @ Frederick
    Oh !
    LG Elfi
  • Frederick Mann 18. Februar 2008, 19:27

    @ Elfi ... he was coming towards me ... I made several shots even following him down the street... could be a mini series...
    the picture is shot as is... not a crop or cut ...
  • E-Punkt 18. Februar 2008, 19:14

    Im Zusammenhang mit diesem Foto
    Augen-Blicke, live in an elevator (Ohligsmühle Eberfeld Schwebe-bahnhof)
    Augen-Blicke, live in an elevator (Ohligsmühle Eberfeld Schwebe-bahnhof)
    Frederick Mann

    kommt er rechtzeitig von dort oder muß er da noch hin?
    LG Elfi
  • Frederick Mann 24. Oktober 2007, 16:20

    @Wolf... even if the eyes are connected to the brain ... well, ah... most of the time (sometimes they are connected to something much lower down) ... even when they are connected to the brain....doesn't always explain what how or why we see look or watch.... you see... ummmmmmm... (I feel impish at this moment) ... and... anyway ... there are those precious fleeting moments... when one looked and sees... and fotografs... but doesn't always know why... or what it's to mean... but, (finger raised) it's usually something important that is trying to escape our attention ... if you know what I mean .... that is why I started the series of pictures "Augen-Blicke" ... to see how many moments I can catch... áh, and, maybe then later when I'm old and wise (that will take some time) I'll understand... (although I'm not sure understanding is important) ... but maybe I'll recognize what tried to escape my attention... oh... did I type that much (too much)... sorry... ummmmmmm... I was just thinking loud... and uuuummmmm Wolf.. yes.. I think your glimpses and my Augen-Blicke have the same mental and sensory roots.
  • Wolf Maier 24. Oktober 2007, 15:50

    It's kinda funny...
    you call it Augen-Blicke
    and I call it glimpses, when we "describe" a picture...
    this on e reminds me on one of my favorite pics of yours...
    "the headless horseman"

  • Günter K. 24. Oktober 2007, 12:39

    solche flüchtigen momente., wo der hauptdarsteller (das motorrad) den rahmen auszubeulen droht, sieht man viel zu selten. das foto hat den vorzug, dadurch lebendig und dynamisch zu wirken. man denkt sich die geschichte weiter.
    grüße günter
  • DSK 24. Oktober 2007, 10:10

    .............und brumm ist er aus dem Bild:)
    Sehr gut+

    LG Micha
  • Yours Truly 24. Oktober 2007, 8:14

    Ah, I just recognized him ... send him my regards! (He's looking good on that machine!)

    Cheers, Claus
  • Bineta 24. Oktober 2007, 7:41

    I like the way you play with the words within the Title.
    Just caught this moment on time!