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I'm originally from Pennsylvania (lived in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia too) and now I'm happily residing in Seoul, Korea. I've lived here for the last three years of my life and plan to stay here for one more year.

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  • ashley tice 6. August 2009, 2:49

    your pics r awesome im glad your doing good and congrats on your new house. love you ashley
  • Joe Bleistein 22. Mai 2009, 18:05

    HAPPY SUPER BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! I LOST YOUR EMAIL!!!!! What is it? Had to google your name to find you on this site....Got the shirt THANKS!!! Email me so i can have your email again!
  • Maik Radke 16. Februar 2009, 20:56

    Thank you very much for your vote.

  • Canan Oner 26. Januar 2009, 0:01

    Thanks so much Sadie..
  • Véronique Soulier 24. Januar 2009, 10:32

    thanks a lot for having loved this pic , Véronique
  • mirella35 16. Juli 2008, 15:53

    To me too.........Thanks. Ciao
  • Doug Hough 9. Mai 2008, 0:43

    Hi Sadie, Thank you for your kind comments! Best Wishes, Doug
    Stand By Me
    Stand By Me
    Doug Hough
  • Alexandru Valentin Iedu 26. März 2008, 21:41

    "SP" mean's "Self-Proposal" ... when you propose for voting-center one of your photo's ...///...

  • Sadie Bleistein 24. Februar 2008, 14:58

    When looking through the gallery proposals, what does "SP" mean?
  • Olave 9. Februar 2008, 9:42

    THAnks for your kind commentrealy apreciated
  • Sadie Bleistein 8. Februar 2008, 4:37

    I need real critiscm on how my photos could be better. Please be open and honest when leaving comments! I'm trying to improve and branch out into photography from journalism!
  • Sadie Bleistein 7. Februar 2008, 11:43

    Why does my profile look different than the one on the help page? I can't tell if I'm global or not because I don't have the tabs in the upper right hand corner!
  • felidae. 1. Februar 2008, 22:11

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    We`re glad that you`ve found this place to share your passion for photography.

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  • Monika und Heinz Tiemann 31. Januar 2008, 12:41

    Ein herzliches Willkommen hier in der bunten Welt der FC.
    Wünsche Dir hier nette Kontakte, viel Spaß und immer schöne Bilder.
    Na den Anfang hast Du ja gemacht. Einfach weiter so !!!
    Gruß Heinz
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