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  • markus hiepold 23. Januar 2008, 18:40

    Paul, starke arbeiten !
    Klasse !

  • FamSchmidt-Streeck 27. Dezember 2005, 19:52

    unglaublich klasse Collagen. Ich bin sprachlos......
  • Kim Clauson 3. Dezember 2005, 0:55

    You are a very talented graphic artist! I like all of your work. Melting photography and artistic images together seems to be your forte. Look forward to seeing more of your stunning work.


  • Butow Maler 9. November 2005, 17:15

    Spannende Sachen!

    Ich werde Dich mal beobachten.

    Beste Grüße,
  • Kalte-Distanz Mandy K. 27. März 2005, 21:46

    man bin ich froh deine bilder entdeckt zu haben!! :)) die sind ja sowas von klasse bearbeitet und da ich auf so arbeiten wie die von mckean stehe, find ich deine echt super :))) ich werd mit sicherheit am ball bleiben und freu mich auf jedes weitere von dir!!!!
    vlg und buh by
  • Anastasya I. 17. Dezember 2004, 4:15

    Hello paul:
    Thank you for you kompliment here, and i've seen your creations, they are artistically very abstract arts and some of them I like very much. When I have time I will put my comments on them!
    many greetings.
  • Victoria Payne 14. Dezember 2004, 18:42

    Hi, thank you for complement..But I am not use airbrush, I am working only with layers... I am using Adobe photoshop.7.. What a program do you use in your work??? Best regards Victoria
  • Norea .T 14. Dezember 2004, 18:03

    ty :) my friend who took it. I really like the light in the back :) haha and your pic looks really cool :)
  • Victoria Payne 26. November 2004, 16:44

    Hi, thank you for you comment..I look your new job all time with big interest.. Looking forward to see more of your photographs.. Regards Victoria
  • Johannes Müller 21. November 2004, 15:20

    Hi, I just looked around your portfolio and was pretty much stunned by the quality of the works, just my taste. Arrangement and final expression of nearly each of your pics touches me. Compliments and regards, johannes
  • PacO MartiN 2. November 2004, 7:53

    Thanks for your comment about my picture. The title means the "the rest of she, her inocent, " It is so difficutl for me to tell you exactly in english... sorry about that. I have seen your work and it is so interesting. I like it.
    Regards from Madrid
  • Ektor Coughanour 28. Oktober 2004, 23:29

    Paul...Thanks for your comments on my work...i admire yours!! best regards!
  • Francesco Monaco 17. Oktober 2004, 19:16

    Hello, thanks!!! It appeals to your style to me...
  • Jozef Elias Wolak 16. Oktober 2004, 16:04

    I find your work definitely among the very best
    on this site, so far.
    The combination of humour and sensitivity makes
    an adorable self-portrait.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your photographs.
  • Hudson Valley 17. September 2004, 17:07


    Thanks for feedback on the latest.

    Your sense series is awesome. Now I see them all together. A great collection.The Tulip works are fab also. You are the man to watch out for right now.

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