Olha Klipkova

kostenloses Benutzerkonto, Kyiv

Über mich

- i`m not sure that i hate but i really dislike people who calles and says "guess who?" or "d`u remember me?" because i don`t want to guess and i don`t remember

- i want to see myself all in my literature and photography but all kinds of management and media always tie my hands

- some time ago i didn`t understand how people dared to sell creativity - but now i see that people succeed in selling everything

- i am impossible without ukrainian

- thanks to Stupivtsev Konstantin for my portrait

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  • Joerg Kuper 12. April 2007, 10:25

    thanks for your comment

    nice to meet you and have a good time here
  • Massimo Carolla 12. April 2007, 7:58

    thanks for you comment on my shot, i have see your gallery and i like it very much, nice to meet you, regards, Massimo ;-)
  • Roberto Grilli 11. April 2007, 22:49

    Thanks Olha for your comments to my photos

    I like your pictures for their simplicity!
  • Andrew Novoselov 25. November 2006, 22:44

    Blagodary za vnimanie i comment!
    Jelay vam Olha lubvi :-)
  • Abdul Khaliq 2. Oktober 2006, 12:36

    Hi Olha,
    Many thanks for your kind comment on my work.
    cheers -abdul
  • Carlos Ordas 22. September 2006, 18:27

    Thnaks for your comment, Olha. Regards from Spain
  • Dragomir Vukovic 13. September 2006, 19:08

  • Sanya Kovacheva 13. September 2006, 7:10

    thank you for your comment Olha, i really appreciate it
    like the big ones do it
    like the big ones do it
    Sanya Kovacheva

    you have a great style

    regards, sanya
  • bernd böhm 10. September 2006, 18:48

    This portfolio is starting to develop very nicely :-)
  • ZarathustraDesign 1. September 2006, 9:12

    Thanks for comments....:-)
    Regards ZD
  • HG Donnerstag 30. August 2006, 13:36

    Hi Olha,
    thank you very much for your honest words.

    I wish you the best and I'm waiting for your next photos.

    HG Donnerstag
  • Roberto Grilli 26. August 2006, 14:19

    Thanks Olha for your comment to:

    I like your Radistam, original and abstract image.
  • Pascal Viyer 25. August 2006, 18:52

    Thanks much, Olha.
  • Joe Munoz 25. August 2006, 13:28

    Thanks for the compliment.

    Keep on the wonderfull work

  • HG Donnerstag 25. August 2006, 10:24

    Hi - Thank you for your comment on my pic

    thanks for your comming ;-)
    HG Donnerstag
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