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Professional photographer in Southwest Missouri, USA

As long as I can remember, I've been making pictures. I started with a pencil, and then a brush, but when I discovered the 35mm SLR, my world began to change.

My pictures no longer hang on the refrigerator door, but on family room walls, fireplace mantels, and now your computer monitor. The only thing that hasn't changed is, my mother proudly displayed my work over four decades ago and still does today.

I've been shooting for over 40 yrs (in the US, in and around Joplin, MO.) and I went digital in 2004. I love to do nature pics. I also do a lot of portraits, model portfolios, and commercial/industrial work.

My work can also be seen at www.wilsonphotos.net

I hope that through my photography, I can show you the world the way I see it.

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  • M.Schmitt 8. August 2010, 9:05

    Sehr schöne Aufnahmen!!!! Gruss Markus
  • quetz 28. März 2009, 9:09

    I like your photo. Your model are very expressive and wiht great vitality...
  • Gunter Peter 22. Dezember 2008, 23:35

  • Vera Ebergen 1. Mai 2007, 18:32

    Thnx for your welcome! I'm surely going to enjoy it here:)
    Greets Vera
  • Fons van Swaal 1. Mai 2007, 18:17

    Thank you very much Danny for the welcome message..;-))

    Best regards,
  • Pawel 8. März 2007, 23:48

    Hello !
    I think I stay here for a few months :)

  • George DuBose 20. Januar 2007, 12:18

    Les Paul 001, who owns that guitar, the Les Paul series was introduced to the market on August 13, 1951, exactly my birthday. I am just curious about who owns the first issue. I would suspect Billy Gibbons of ZZTop.


    George DuBose
  • Nic Sveshnikov 28. Dezember 2006, 20:30

    happy new year

    Nic Sveshnikov

  • Galina Zastava 27. November 2006, 12:38

    Hi Danny! Thank you very much for welcoming words and welcoming flower! :) Your flower is really great! I like the colors and envy the composition! :) Also I had a look at your other works and have to say they are wonderful!
  • Roberto Matheus 27. November 2006, 5:29

    Hi, Danny! It is my thrird day in the community and I had a great reception by people so kind as you are.
    Thanks for your welcome message.

    Your photos are GREAT!

    Take care and have my "Olá" from Brazil.
  • Stefan Ba. 21. November 2006, 0:25

    Thanks very much for your welcome message, Danny. Best regards, Stefan
  • Pascal Viyer 16. November 2006, 17:50

    Thanks, always.
  • Pascal Viyer 26. Oktober 2006, 19:31

    Un grand MERCI, Danny... Potter !
  • Pascal Viyer 5. September 2006, 23:34

    Love your portrait profil. There is some gothic univers, as in Harry Potter...
    MERCI beaucoup, Danny.
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