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Chris Young

kostenloses Benutzerkonto

Über mich

Just a guy and his camera..

And since I've decided to stick around I guess I'll reveal a little more.

I've been a shutterbug since I was old enough to hold a camera, which was back in the days of flash bulbs.
I have acquired a modest assortment of respectable gear. I use the Canon EOS system, film and digital, though digital is all you're likely to see online.
I have worked professionaly as a newspaper stringer and stock photographer, but have given that up for stability and less paper work. ;) Now I shoot what I want rather than what a client wants.
I will always welcome constructive crits, and will even offer them if it seems appropriate considering the individual.
My photographic interests are all over the place. I like anything different or somehow exceptional. At this point in time you'll most likely find me challenging myself with nature, weather, macro work and so on, but I also intend to get some lights and shoot models in the near future. Never stop exploring! That's where discovery comes from.


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  • xxx xxx 28. August 2005, 4:57

    Hi there,
    Just few words to confirm here the absolute quality of your work.
    Your pics are both beautiful AND diverse.
    Not only you master the nature 'macro' pics, but also b&w portraits & sky shots.
    I guess that's what one calls Talent. ;-)
    Tree Frog
    Tree Frog
    Chris Young
  • Liz Collet 7. August 2005, 10:04

    Hi Chris
    thanks for YOur kind comment
    I gave a look to Your collection and found interesting images - but they suffer from a mistake ....smyle...there are TOO FEW ;-)))
    returning from time to time to have another glance on Your works:
    chG Liz
  • When 2. August 2005, 21:08

    Just had wondered if the title was derived from heraldry termonology, that's all. "Sinister" means left. Since the swan was in an unusual pose facing left, just considered you might be into heraldry. I often look for symbols in images.
    Sinister Swan (big)
    Sinister Swan (big)
    Chris Young
  • When 2. August 2005, 10:03

    Well welcome to FC Chris. Great profile, thanks for sharing, will be keeping an eye for more of you. Sinister Swan? In to heraldry? Just wondering, not the usual swan shot. Like your style so far.
  • Rob Wells 31. Juli 2005, 9:27

    Cheers for your comment. I initially had the same concern about the background being a bit too 'busy', so I see what you're saying.
    Watercolour Teapot
    Watercolour Teapot
    Rob Wells

    However, I didn't quite understand the "2c" reference !!
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