Rob Wells

kostenloses Benutzerkonto, Chatham/London

Über mich

What can I say ?

I love taking photgraphs -sometimes I get lucky, sometimes I don't.

I just have to resolve to get out more with the camera !!

I use a Nikon D70 & a Panasonic DMC FZ-20

Please try to leave a comment where possible. Even where you think it is a bad photo. One of the reasons I joined a site like this was to look for advice on where to improve. Without feedback it just becomes a glorified gallery !!

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  • Rob Mitchell 4. September 2010, 19:45

  • Linda Barratt 13. August 2009, 22:38

    This is correct. Rob made the decision to end his own life on September 13 2008.
  • Ruud van der Lubben 13. August 2009, 8:00

    The latest information received about Rob in August 2009, was the word that he is supposed to have passed away in September 2008.

    Ruud van der Lubben
    Admin Team
  • When 15. Oktober 2006, 15:55

    Where are you Rob? Your very missed.
  • Armin Weisheit 20. September 2006, 1:54

    Wow, I love your style and pictures...! Well done, and if you're ever in London and need a buddy to join you for some street photography, well I'm always up for that. Keep up the great work .
  • Julia Kretsch 28. Juli 2006, 23:35

    You have an excellent gallery, Rob. It's a real pleasure to look at your photos! Congratulations!
  • Emotional Life Photography 6. Juli 2006, 21:16

    Hey Rob

    greetings from germany :-)


  • Gianmarco Vetrano 7. Mai 2006, 22:20

    Hi!nice pics!
  • Jacqueline Chay 27. Januar 2006, 23:55

    Hi Rob, lol i like your colour image, Great minds think alike :p well sorta. Regards jackie
  • Colin Karpeta 10. Januar 2006, 21:00

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for your comment, glad it made you smile.

    I love your images with smoke - inspirational. Have you ever seen the work of Mehmet Ozgur? He uses smoke to great effect too.
  • When 22. Dezember 2005, 10:52

    Just stopped by for a Christmas wish and a virtual dance on the mountain top under the solstice moon.
  • Non Member 6. November 2005, 9:34

    Thanks for your comment on my seagull photo. As for the sharpness, I posted this picture before I knew you have to sharpen photos after resizing them for upload. The original is much better.
    thanks again
  • John Bennett 1. November 2005, 20:41

    Thanks Rob, That what happens when you hesitate taking pictures, the blades were turning very,very slowly. I was standing beside a very busy road, nervous of the traffic so I was only half consentrating on the job.
  • Elaine Lyness 14. Oktober 2005, 17:10

    hi rob i really love your landscapes, putting me in the mood to do some as well
  • Sarndra 11. Oktober 2005, 13:45

    Howdy :-) yes the gulls are real in my pic!
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