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In the context of the natural world

In the context of the natural world

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Yang Fang

Free Mitglied, Schöneck

In the context of the natural world

Suddenly we appear so small in the context of the natural world! Shot in 1995.

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  • Yang Fang 19. August 2002, 16:46

    “Too much talk about minorities”? As regard to this picture, yes. However, the problem is actually quite general, since we’re very often struggling against the inhomogineous lighting conditions in practice, right? Today, with a digital camera, I always take several shots from the scene of a difficult lighting condition in case that I may need to compensate some dark or bright parts afterwards. Now, it’s really enough for this topic:-) Thanks for your attention!
  • Dirk Vier 19. August 2002, 16:14

    One possibility. yes indeed. I am not sure but I think this pretty much depends on the film. I had these kind of conditions pretty often and selcomly had a problem over overexposing. I usually use fuji velvia - I had some problems using kodak Elite 8but this is of course not a professionel film). Another solution is the other way around. If you underexpose you can isolate the background and brighten it. This is much simpler than to lower the brightness.
    Too much talk about minoritys. But its fun to find different solutions.

  • Yang Fang 19. August 2002, 15:34

    Dirk, thanks for your further feedback. Actually, I don’t think I cannot shoot this scene under the same lighting condition better today because the field was differently lighted. That means if the foreground was correctly exposed the background would have been too dark. In this connection, one possible solution of today might be a double-exposure digitally: Take two shots from the same scene with different exposure settings for the foreground and background respectively (by using a tripod of cause) and then put them together on the computer.
  • Dirk Vier 19. August 2002, 15:19

    its from 1995. Wouldnt happen to you nowadays :-)
    I like it anyway. Not every picture is suposed to be nominated for the gallery :-)
  • Yang Fang 19. August 2002, 12:36

    Dirk, you're absolutely right about the overexposure of the foreground due to the strong reflection in the late afternoon when we were there. Actually, I once tried to lower the brightness of the this part by isolating it, but failed to get a natural result. So, I have to live with this "imperfection".:-)
  • Dirk Vier 18. August 2002, 22:35

    Very impressive landscape. I like the composition. What I dislike: the bright colours in the foreground. Too much rock too bright. The sky should be smoothed (is this the right word). Its not as sharp as it could be.

    cheers Dirk