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kostenloses Benutzerkonto, Timisoara

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  • Andriushka 18. Februar 2010, 20:00

    papushe de portelan :X
  • John Willems 15. November 2008, 6:27

    Simply fabolous! John's.
  • Terje Nicolaysen 4. September 2008, 23:19

    Great work !
  • Ernst L. 11. August 2008, 1:29

    Super schönes Bild – einfach Klasse Arbeit.

    LG Ernst
  • Georg. Schwarm 4. August 2008, 22:34

    Schön ,ilona hast du das Foto auf Alt Gemacht!
    Gute Idee, und Bearbeitung!
    Gruß, lg Georg.
  • Ray Steinberg 3. August 2008, 23:07

    This image of the young girl kneeling down in an open field, is a very nice profile portrait, with just enough light catching the slight angle that her face is turned towards us. We can just about see what she really looks like, even though the rest of her face remains a mystery to us.

    The coloring, with a sepia type tone, and all of the white and black spots, throughout the photograph, and even around the edges of the photo, gives this photo an "old fashioned" look, resembling a photo, right out of the 1940's or 1950's.

    It has me wondering, whether or not this photo was taken recently, and manipulated to look like an old photo, or whether the photo is really an old photo, that was taken in it's time period, and scanned ?

    Perhaps the photographer can let me know !!!




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