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downtown Dubai

Nikon F50, manuelle Verschlusszeit

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  • Holger Findling 17. November 2007, 4:16

    I use a tripoid whenever possible, but learned that a remote control is necessary to keep the vibration out of the picture. A time delay also helps, but I like the remote control better. Are you using a star filter? My autofocus sometimes fails also, and I find myself manually focusing.
  • Astrid Knecht 16. November 2007, 15:13

    Hi Holger. I totaly agree with you. It was the best out of a rather large series. Since I'm not on digital yet, it's very difficult to judge which timing is enough while taking the picture. Regards, Astrid
  • Holger Findling 16. November 2007, 14:46

    I have been taking night pictures with my Nikon D40 and found that it is very difficult to get nice crisp in focus pictures at night. This image is not sharp enough to be really impressive. Like to have more discussion on the subject. Regards - Holger


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