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Discover London : Blackfriars Railways Bridge

Discover London : Blackfriars Railways Bridge

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Discover London : Blackfriars Railways Bridge

Badge of the LCDR on the first Blackfriars Railways Bridge. The London, Chatham and Dover Railway (LCDR) was a railway company in south-eastern England from 1859 until the 1923 grouping which united it with other companies to form the Southern Railway. Its lines ran through London and northern and eastern Kent to form a significant part of the Greater London commuter network. From the start the railway was in an impecunious position.
The Chatham, as it was always known, was much criticized for its often lamentable carriage stock and poor punctuality, but in two respects it was very good: it used the highly effective Westinghouse brake on its passenger stock, and the Sykes 'Lock and Block' system of signaling. It had an excellent safety record. (Wikipedia)

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