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  • walter walkosz 9. Juli 2010, 17:45

    yes my friend.. but we have to know thet game is just a game... how are you? I´m happy to know that everything is ok for you!! regardsss...
  • Guido WB 4. Juli 2010, 4:40

    uuhhh, hope you're still talking to me... ;)
    here, nobody exptected this!
  • Guido WB 18. Juni 2010, 10:23

    Hola my friend!
    I am fine; hope the same for you!
    As u can see there's a new girl in my life...
    A new model
    A new model
    Guido WB
    making me happy each day!

    Regards from Germany (those who'll win in SouthAfrica!) :)
  • walter walkosz 28. Oktober 2008, 13:53

    uso una camara Canon EOS 450D, en realidad estoy descubriendo como usarla..bueno descubriendo este apacionante mundo de la fotografia..
  • walter walkosz 16. Oktober 2008, 13:17

    I'm trying to learn about fotography...
    estoy tratando de apreender fotografia...
  • Guido WB 19. September 2008, 18:39

    Welcome to the club!
    Hope to see more here!

    Best regards,

  • walter walkosz 19. September 2008, 14:54

    Soy de argentina y estoy probando esto maravilloso arte de la fotografia.
    I'm from argentina and I'm trying this art world of photograf.
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