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Photography is a versatile activity.
Taking a picture of objects or people, I always ask myself what makes this photo worth to take it. May it be the facial expression of the person or the extraordinary situation, the exceptional light effects or such wonderful colours.
My opinion is just that you wouldn't take a picture if you wouldn't feel something by taking it, if you wouldn't connect something with the motif. There is in most cases a philosophy behind it all.
That is the reason why I started with photography. It is one of my ways to express my thoughts and think about coherences between things.
I don't want to be "professional", sometimes I actually don't want to be "realistic", although I think that real art of photography expresses itself by accenting moments or (let's say) facts, which are real, which appear exactly the way we see them in this so-called special moment.
Photography shouldn't be defined in one way. It is a complexitiy of many aspects.
But personally speaking photography rests a kind of self-expression...

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  • Patrick B. Parenteau 25. April 2006, 18:36

    Here's another one from the Rolling Stones:

    Some Girls, Just Want To See His Face, like a Midnight Rambler, with Far Away Eyes, coming to your, Emotional Rescue, on Wild Horses and Beasts of Burden, looking for Rough Justice, before having a 19th Nervous Breakdown, because, Lady Jane, is, Out Of Time, with, a Heart Of Stone, hanging with, Sister Morphine, whose name is, Angie, who is always, Coming Down Again, but used to be, Hot Stuff, 100 Years Ago, but is now a, Bitch, who can't get any, Satisfaction, and cries, Gimme Shelter, When The Whip Comes Down, because you Can't Always Get What You Want, even if you have, Sympathy For The Devil. Hey, It's Only Rock & Roll.
  • Patrick B. Parenteau 25. April 2006, 18:22

    He Ulla,
    I thought I would share this with you since you got me started on replying to comments about musicians using titles from their songs. I know Jimi Hendrix is way before your time, but if you are into music, you will recognize a few of these cuts. This image is currently being voted on for the gallery section.

    Hey Joe, Are You Experienced, in the ways of Jimi Hendrix?
    He was an Astro Man, Driving South, through, Crosstown Traffic, like a Nightbird Flying, Straight Ahead, when he came upon a, Voodoo Chile, Foxy Lady, with Gypsy Eyes, named Dolly Dagger, who lived in a, Red House, on the Third Stone From The Sun, and was hot as, Fire, with a passion, Bold As Love, that put him in a, Purple Haze, of, Love Or Confusion, where he couldn't tell, If 6 Was 9, while listening to, The Wind Cry Mary, All Along The Watchtower, fighting his Manic Depression, hoping, May This Be Love, but knowing that she was a, Little Miss Strange, and instead of looking for Castles Made Of Sand, he screamed, I Don't Live Today, and grabbed his, Machine Gun, and with the Star Spangled Banner, playing in the background, he used his, One Rainy Wish, to give her her, Freedom, and turned her into an, Angel.
  • Patrick B. Parenteau 11. April 2006, 5:51

    Hi Ulla,
    I am glad that you saw the humour and the message in my previous post. I wasn't sure if you would appreciate it or not. I too am a music fanatic and twice saw the Floyd, once with Waters and once afterward. However, my favorite Pink Floyd moment was when I spent a good portion of my student loan on an awesome sound system, unwrapped the "half speed mastered" Dark Side Of The Moon album (not cd) and heard it for the first time. To this day, that recording stands as one of the finest production works and when you add the incredible lyrics and musicianship, you have a masterpiece. Stay in touch. Patrick
  • Patrick B. Parenteau 3. April 2006, 3:38

    Ulla Lyubina

    Hey you, welcome to the machine! You may feel, uncomfortably numb, with the differences between, us and them, but if you, speak to me, on the run, you will find the, time , to see if there's, anybody out there, behind the wall, or if it is just pigs, dogs and sheep, in the flesh, waiting to say, goodbye cruel world. All the best from Canada and Pink Floyd. Patrick
  • Milan Kozánek 13. Februar 2006, 21:38

    Dear Ulla,
    Thank you for visitng my macros, I am really glad that you like it. Hopefully, the spring will come soon and the season for macros bacomes again :o).

    Best regards,

  • Mario Leko 12. Februar 2006, 13:40

    thank u for such wonderful words
    ...to wake up someone else's dreams
    -well i couldn't ask more really!!! :)))
    so keep on dreaming....
  • Viktoria Shorite 3. Februar 2006, 20:24

    1. ...little proposal ;)

    Winter in Suzdal...
    Winter in Suzdal...
    Viktoria Shorite
    ...und das ist extra fuer Dich, Ulla... vergiss nicht, dass dieses Land ein Teil von Dir ist und das ist ein wundervoller Teil, der Dich reicher macht!!!
  • Dionisio Leitao 28. Januar 2006, 22:26

    Hi Ulla. Thank you for you comment. I've been seeing your photos and i like it very much as well. "Waiting for a new idol" is fantastic. Keep on the good work :)
  • Dirk Hofmann 25. Dezember 2005, 20:16

    Hi Ulla!

    Welcome to Fotocommunity.com! This community is a place to show, discuss and learn about photography and you will meet people from all over the world which share your hobby. The spirit of Fotocommunity is to share knowledge, inspiration and thoughts as a team. Everyone can participate and everyone will share his experiences. So don't be shy and ask every photographer or a member of the administration () if you have any questions.
    Of course I'd be glad to answer your questions too!

  • TC-Photographic 17. November 2005, 10:13

    Hallo Ulla,
    willkommen in der FC. Wir wünschen dir viel Spass und viele tolle Fotos. Pass aber auf, die FC kann süchtig machen....

    Gut Knips

    Tanja und Christoph
  • Artworld. Austria 17. November 2005, 9:51

    herzlich willkommen und vie spass.....da in der fc...*
    haus bei nacht
    haus bei nacht
    Artworld. Austria

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