my name is trouble

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when nothing goes right..........go left.

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  • yªmpo 25. März 2020, 20:12

    are you afraid?
    Happiness .... the more we chase it, the more it moves away from us.
    It will only come if we stop thinking about it. It will approach like a docile horse seeking the warmth of a familiar hand that caresses its mane
    To be happy you have to lose the fear of not being
  • yªmpo 23. März 2020, 19:47

    Hello magician.
    Are you still living in that corner of the staircase that goes up to the lighthouse?
    Are you still blinded by the violence of light?
    Rest little girl.
    Rest your head on your soft arms,
    and sleep
    and dream that your words will sweep up ashes and flags.
    But please,
    never spoil your wings.
  • yªmpo 11. August 2018, 12:44


    "I've been at the top, I've been at the bottom, and both sites are empty"

                                                                                        Christa Päffgen
  • yªmpo 22. März 2017, 23:16

    Far youth for me.
    Soap&Skin i like very muc.
    I too like the music.
    I need the music.
    I'm adicct.
  • yªmpo 22. März 2017, 22:05

    I warn you; You are feeding the monster I carry inside me. It's called Vanity.
    And I can not handle it.
    Wild and chaotic.
    Immune to everything and everyone
  • yªmpo 22. März 2017, 22:01

    I feel overwhelmed
  • yªmpo 22. März 2017, 21:47

    I feel overwhelmed
  • yªmpo 22. März 2017, 21:39

    I do not know very well what you want to tell me, but I'm a relationship
  • yªmpo 22. März 2017, 21:37

    It is difficult to communicate in a language that is not ours
  • yªmpo 22. März 2017, 21:36

  • yªmpo 22. März 2017, 21:36

    Buff, what a fright!!!
    I imagined my dog hiding in the last corner of the house with fear of leaving
  • yªmpo 20. März 2017, 22:11

  • 14meNr2 30. April 2015, 7:46