Peter Przybille

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Über mich

Born in Thuringia (Germany).

Freelance photographer and architect armed with a Canon 5D Mark II.

From time to time travelling and working as photographer,
architect or musher in (northern) Scandinavia, my big passion.

All photos here are available as prints in various sizes and qualities.
Contact me at regarding publication requests.

Being featured on the US National Public Radio

Sled Dogs And Lonely Landscapes:
The Picturesque Life Of A Scandinavian Musher


If you need to find Peter Przybille, good luck; he makes a point to get lost. When he's not busy working as a stationary freelancer, he might be tending to a team of sled dogs in northern Norway or trekking around snowy mountains in Sweden. He strives to be exactly in the middle of nowhere, photographing Scandinavia's natural beauty: aurora borealis, moonlit snowscapes, mountains and coasts.
...I also asked if it gets lonely. "Yes indeed", Przybille wrote. But that's what he's looking for. Armed with just about the best camera out there, a Canon 5D Mark II, Przybille seeks a somewhat anachronistic lifestyle, especially in this age of snowmobiles: he builds sleds, sleeps in tents and travels by mode of dog fleet. But there's something romantic about this way of life that translates in his photos. They are quiet and contemplative and otherworldly.
Thanks to the internet, Przybille not completely off the grid. You can follow his adventures on his Flickr stream.
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