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1. in only 50 years
two cds were playing guitar
sometimes late at night
you could hear them sing
about their life in the machine

2. little boy's fantasy
two colors red and yellow
were having ravioli for dinner
they finished in style with
a capucino
they were perfectly happy

3. finally got the time-machine working
she said

Kommentare 39

  • Flygresa Punkt 14. Januar 2007, 2:22

    yeah, i know she's your girlfriend.
    i recognized her from earlier pictures.

    [you both seem to be great fit.]

    i'm fine, too.
    waiting for the winter. and the snow.
    but meanwhile, i'm happy :).
  • Ann-Jasmin 3. Juni 2006, 8:59

    Hi Maart,
    Thanks. I also had a look at your photos and I like the style. Will also add you to my buddy list and see what is coming next :)
    Im Abseits
    Im Abseits
  • Flygresa Punkt 4. April 2006, 17:14

    you're always welcome...
    interesting to see you were in bolivia.

    how did you like it?
    for how long have you been there?
  • ImianI I 5. August 2005, 18:31

    b89 rockt!!
  • elvisfirewolf 8. Juli 2005, 19:44

    late, but not too late i hope!
    buddy! :)
  • Linda B 1. Juli 2005, 21:09

    merci maart
  • Flygresa Punkt 26. Juni 2005, 23:51

  • Einfach So 19. Juni 2005, 21:54

    merci beaucoup, monsieur!
  • Maart Vercruysse 15. Juni 2005, 22:52

    danke sehr, sie sind sehr wuggi wuggi
  • Gen Kok 13. Juni 2005, 22:43

    okay... i see!
    thanks a lot, but it's only me!
  • The Yardfather 13. Juni 2005, 11:46

    He Maart, gefällt mir sehr gut was Du machst, Gruß Bugsy
  • Gen Kok 12. Juni 2005, 19:29

    welches statement genau?!
  • Linda B 8. Juni 2005, 21:50

    dankesehr für deine anmerkung...weiß ich zu schätzen
  • Mae OBrown 7. Juni 2005, 19:39

    'yihaaa' ..?
  • Flygresa Punkt 7. Juni 2005, 15:23

    huh, i just discovered that you chose one of my pictures as one of your favs.
    thank you! what an honour :)!
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