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Carlo Pollaci

I am a street photographer.
I am attracted by urban and historians areas, that are the unrivaled scenery theater showing the spectacle of life.
I love photographing people.
I love the beautiful, but I have no hesitation to describing when i encounter the intrusive "ugliness" of everyday. However I avoid situations easy pietism and even more "let alone" the most vulnerable against the society or showing falls of human dignity.
I shoot in the conditions of time and light as I find them, without special technical measures. I do not like poses, neither the exaggerations photographs.
Lately I started to shoot in analog.

In this community I hope, with your help, to improve my English.
I am sorry for the inevitable errors in titles and captions of my photos and thank you for the corrections that you will suggest.

All images published here are copyright and property of Carlo Pollaci and all reproduction rights are protected.

Profile photo by Marca Barone

My first photo in Home. I thank the Team (19/03/2013)
Difficult cohabitation of vegetables and cigarettes
Difficult cohabitation of vegetables and cigarettes

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  • J Oscar Sierra Echo 30. September 2023, 11:32

    Propoal very much appreciated dear Carlo.
    Enjoy weekend.
  • luisa.gallisay 24. September 2023, 18:36

  • Hannes Jo Leichsering 22. August 2023, 8:24

    Mille Grazie, Carlo !
    Ciao Hannes

    Dicke Backen
    Dicke Backen
    Hannes Jo Leichsering
  • ann mari cris aschieri 2. August 2023, 22:12

    CIAo Carlo! 
    E' molto interessante la tua spiegazione: io sono sempre a caccia di annotazioni colte.
    Mille grazie,  LOve!
  • Maricla Martiradonna 2. August 2023, 15:09

    Grazie per la tua attenzione e per le tue belle letture, Carlo! Mi ha fatto molto piacere leggerti. Un saluto affettuoso a Marca e a te!
  • Graeme Allan 27. Juli 2023, 9:02

    Carlo. Thanks for your response. For sure, political issues and climate change - the unpredictable versus the inevitable - is causing tensions in Greece as well, and Australia. The difficulty is what 'the man on the street' can do to change a trend when politicians cannot agree on an effective strategy. As someone said, the only way the world will come to terms with climate change is when people die and that tragedy has begun.
    Keep shooting and cheers from Kaunas :-)
  • Dinu Filipescu 17. Juli 2023, 12:19

    Thank you for your appreciation.
  • Gisa69 5. Juni 2023, 7:39

    Herzlichen Dank.
    LG Gisa.
  • schwarz.licht 30. April 2023, 22:07

    Grazie per il suggerimento della galleria!
    Questo mi rende davvero felice
    Ciao Sascha
  • Fernando Anzani 23. April 2023, 10:23

    Ti ringrazio tantissimo per le tue attenzioni verso le mie foto e per aver proposto per il voto in galleria "Differenze". Molto onorato. Ciao. Fernando.
    Full Color 7
    Full Color 7
    Fernando Anzani
    Fernando Anzani
  • Roberto Parducci 16. April 2023, 0:43

    Ti ringrazio per l'apprezzamento  ciao
  • Roberto Parducci 16. April 2023, 0:38

    Ti ringrazio molto gentile  ciao
  • lucy franco 13. April 2023, 7:29

    Grazie per la tua gentile attenzione
  • A.Spieß 1. April 2023, 10:50

    Molte grazie saluti Alfredo
  • Günter-Diel 29. März 2023, 12:27

    Hello Carlo, thank you for the gallery suggestion of my picture "Strawberries"!
    Many greetings Günter
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