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Marcello Modica

Free Mitglied, Milano

Über mich

Hi guys! I'm Marcello from Italy. A young photographer :p
I like very much the industry culture, maybe cause in Italy doesn't exist! And it is a very bad thing cause her we have a lot of interesting abandoned and not plants...maybe not huge like in the Ruhr region but nice to see. I start with a factory near my house, that I saw from the window of my room when I was a child. It's the SNIA Viscosa plant, you can see in my pics here. I visited not such a lot of places but today I can say that nobody is like "my" SNIA! I love it and when it will be demolished I will be very very sad. Cause SNIA is my second home. I went there (and go such now) when I want to think, or simply to stay in silence. It's like a huge mountain...where you are out of all, in front of yourself.
I'm very happy to join this german community. I want to know a lot of friends to make community explorations.

SEE ALSO MY PICTURES ON www.flickr.com/photos/zkj

Kommentare 9

  • Timm S. ¦ Lord Yo 31. Mai 2007, 0:09

    Hi Marcello! Didn't know that you had an FC account! Cheers
  • Pieter De Raedt 2. Juli 2006, 3:27

    Hi Marcello ! I only just found out you are active here, great ! Greetz, Pieter
  • Yves Marchand 28. April 2006, 23:38

    Glad to see you here Marcello !
    Your nice latest pics makes me want to see your upcoming website update. :)
    See you someday !
  • Holger Schimanke 20. April 2006, 0:32

    Hi Marcello!
    Congratulations to your Pics and for the obvious best guide you can get to come to Italy! Beat just told me some details ;-)
    Do you have industry still alive or is everything ready for "schrottrobbering".... like in Switzerland ;-)

    Best regards
  • Kerstin-J. Schorer 25. März 2006, 16:33

    hi marcello,
    nice to see you and yourr pictures from the "bonsai" italy industrie here!!!!
    greetz, kj (kerstin)
  • Harald Finster 9. März 2006, 14:33

    Hi Marcello,
    just discovered, that you got an account here!
    I am really pleased to see your work!
    Greetings Harald
  • Alan Murray-Rust 25. November 2005, 21:00

    Hi Marcello
    It's great to see some pictures from a part of the world with an important industrial heritage that is too little recorded and known about. There's a good selection of straightforward documentary pictures and eyecatching details.
    I am not as crazy as Beat and Christian - I'm probably too old - and they are certainly better photographers of industrial buildings than I am. So, when I make comments about your pictures, I give my opinion, and try to give an honest one. I have learnt a lot from the comments about my pictures and I hope you will too.
    Best wishes
  • Christian Brünig 4. November 2005, 18:29

    Hi Marcello,

    i'm glad to see You here! Have fun and get informations and good guys in this community, specially in our "industrie-kultur" channel. but be careful, some of us are crazy or old or both of them:-))

    "not as huge as in the ruhr region" LOL - SNIA is the largest textile plant i had ever see!


    Let us share the pictures of our exploration under
    Cartiera Vita M.
    Cartiera Vita M.
  • SPERRZONE 3. November 2005, 21:20

    hi marcello,
    great to see you here ;-)
    have fun here in this insane circle of crazy photographers *g*

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