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Felipe Ferreira

Free Mitglied, Bruxelles

Kommentare 2

  • Ronja N. 27. Januar 2007, 20:24

    Hi Felipe :D
    The idea of the picture is great!
    .. but the few colors make it a bit borring,
    'cause grey and black are dark colors.
    I've seen the other pictures of yours,
    where you put red things like shorts or an apple
    into the black'n'white picture, it make the whole thing a bit fresher, in a way :D
    What I see is only a shaddow, and I'm thinking about if it was the "real" picture I saw, if it would be better in a way.. you know if I could see the feathers of the birds an everything and more colors..
    But it's only a thought..!
    To me the birds look like music notes ( I don't know what's called :D )
    Yea but I like the picture!
    Well goodbye is like forever... so see you :D
  • Andy Schröder 14. Dezember 2006, 11:58

    welcome to the FC.
    Nice picture. Good lines with birds.

    good by Andy