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Mona Kensik

Free Mitglied, Selfoss


Im Sued-Westen Islands

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  • Mona Kensik 4. September 2007, 19:56

    Leider nur auf englisch...


    Seltún is an important high temperature geothermal area. It provides a wealth of study opportunities due to the great variety of features. Various attempts have been made to harness geothermal energy at Seltún, but all were unsuccessful. One borehole, drilled fifty years ago, noisily and continuously spewed steam and became a tourist attraction. This changed dramatically in 1999 when the borehole became plugged. Ten days later, it exploded, leaving a crater 30 meters in diameter. Today, a pond fills the crater.
    A boardwalk leads through Seltún Hot Springs Seltún has many mudpots and fumaroles, and minerals deposited from geothermal solutions provide colorful sediments. Sulfur is especially abundant and has been mined there in the past. Streams provide interesting subjects for study. Cold, clear water flows off the hillsides and through areas teeming with fumaroles and boiling mudpots.