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Sander Admiraal

Free Mitglied, West-Friesland

In Memory of the Stillborn children

Photo of a statue I was asked to shoot for a publication. The statue honors the stillborn children of Catholic parents.
For a long time a young child who was not baptised was not recognized as a member of the church. So when a child was born lifeless or died before baptism he/she could not be burried on the grounds of the church and would for always be seperated from his parents.
In the new milennium the church considered this to be a wrong policy and started to acknowledge this by honoring these children with monuments like this. I was surprised by the amount of women who turned up when they blessed this statue and how much emotion, even from 50 years ago, was still there.

This was in 2004. Now I wish I'd recorded the emotion and not the statue. The emotion was a one time acknowledgement and outing of lifelong sadness. The statue will still be there tomorrow.

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