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Kenny Jazz

Free Mitglied, Baku

First december`s snow

Canon EOS5, EF 24-85/3,5-4,5 fuji superia 200
Yesterday was a first day when snow comes to my city. I was walking in old city trying to catch something special from street life photo, but it was cold and not much people was walking around ancient caravanserai called Shirvanshakh. After a little bit walk in silence i found this slope with a view of modern city on the background.
More pictures about how funny in Baku during the snow falling i will try to put here in new year.

Kommentare 19

  • Ingrid H 24. März 2011, 2:10

    hi, kenny,
    I let a comment here 4 years ago..
    waiting for more snow pics from baku - it seems you like snow pics also a lot - pls show more! it would be great - even as you do, in b/w! best regards, ingrid h
  • Zarela Morales 2. Dezember 2008, 23:22

    I would like to see a city with snow..

    here in Lima never snow or a real rain.. ( imagine..:P )

    kenny i hope you have a nice day..

    smile ;)

  • Marzena. 12. September 2007, 12:53

    ladne kontrasty i ostrosc. ciekawe miejsce!!
  • Luigi Scorsino 23. Mai 2007, 11:52

    very, very beautiful
  • Antonia L 19. Mai 2007, 23:23

    Excellent light! Outstanding composition and breathtaking contrast!
    Best regards, Antonia
  • Ingrid H 26. März 2007, 4:18

    I like all snowy pics of buildings which are *normal* without snow.. and so snowy islamic architecture is more impressing than other..- even here I have been one year before on norouz in spring with beautiful blossoms all over there..

    thx for the pic, and see you, iiiii
  • Adolf Schulz 9. Februar 2007, 19:51

    The people, the car, the snow,,,
    i like it.
  • Angela .M. 24. Januar 2007, 14:22

    I like it! Very good.
    regards Angela
  • PaulKa 20. Januar 2007, 13:49

    wow...klasse Aufnahme
    lg paul
  • Björn Bouvier 10. Januar 2007, 18:07

    What is unrealistic about this picture is that the buildings are typically oriental in a Muslim style, which usually is displayed in bright sunlight, with green grass, uncovered by snow. Very interesting!
  • Katrin Monsberger 8. Januar 2007, 0:13

    very nice!
    It looks even a little unrealistic.
  • Mircea Tiron-Tudor 6. Januar 2007, 13:09

    Good shot, Kenny ! Nice town.
    Regards, Mircea
    I agree, the man from background make the picture. Thanks !
  • Kenny Jazz 3. Januar 2007, 23:30

    Thank U to all who leave comments under this picture.. :) Snow here it is only few days impressive pleasure..
  • Jm. Disko. 2. Januar 2007, 1:09

    very good..
  • Pawel Majewski 1. Januar 2007, 10:43

    Snow elecrify all :)
    Very nice view. Interesting town