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Free Mitglied, Nijmegen (the Netherlands)

do I know you??

Date: 06.11.2004
Time: 10:18 A.M

(Olympus C5050ZOOM)
1.7x tele conversion lens TCON-17

Kommentare 11

  • FERRY TENTUA 30. November 2004, 17:24

    *** It's ok. Günter, you may add Miss Suchard to your Gallery;-))
  • Günter Kramarcsik 30. November 2004, 2:09

    Wenn Du damit einverstanden bist, stelle ich Deine Miss Suchard in meine entsprechende Galerie:
    CP-270 Tiroler Grauvieh # 01
    CP-270 Tiroler Grauvieh # 01
    Günter Kramarcsik
    Gruß Günter
  • FERRY TENTUA 9. November 2004, 18:00

    *** Hi Manfred,
    I started to like the Photography and most of all the beautiful pictures of the Photographer's

    Grüße aus Nimwegen
  • Manfred Langegger 9. November 2004, 0:18

    Hi Ferry,good picture and even better title!
    I like it!
    Greetings from Argentine,Manfred the "Cloudwalker"
  • FERRY TENTUA 8. November 2004, 17:10

    *** Dear Corinne,
    But ofcourse i'll go on with my work, photographing cows and other animals, Beate doesn't ment to insult me...its just a joke of her, but thanks anyway for defend me;-)

    P.S Lieb von dir um mich zu verteidigen! ;-)

  • Corinne Dietiker 8. November 2004, 10:05

    hy my Ferry

    they are not looking stupid - the cows are boring and you and your camera were a nice alternation for them.... would you like to eat the whole day grass and grass and grass and being there and doing nothing.... NO! so my dear ferry, keep going out and photographing cows....:-))
  • Senza Nome 7. November 2004, 12:03

  • FERRY TENTUA 6. November 2004, 23:04

    *** Yes thats right Bea, she was suprised by seeing me, thats why she look like that:-)
    Maybe she was thinking, what am I doing here in the middle of nowhere...! *lol*
    Love: Ferry
  • BEATE BACKHAUS 6. November 2004, 22:42

    The white one looks a bit stupid...Nice one!!!
    Hello from Paderborn

  • FERRY TENTUA 6. November 2004, 20:28

    *** Danke für deine Anmerkung..as you can see, these cows wear earrings, so..we are not the only one who have piercings!;-)
  • Susanne Cermak-Kurka 6. November 2004, 19:51

    Eine weiße Kuh mit Ohrringe habe ich noch nie gesehen. :-))) Hast du toll festgehalten. LG Susanne



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