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Grosescu George

Free Mitglied, Bucharest

boat at the black sea side

boat at the black sea side

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  • Grosescu George 23. Dezember 2007, 12:58

    This is the original color. Look closer, inside the boat. It's full of sand. This picture was taken at the final waves of a storm in Vama Veche. Those "sepia waves" are original, with a lot of sand inside. I won't made sky sepia because nature have great color composition. Thank you for your comment.
  • Ionut D 23. Dezember 2007, 12:09

    very good one. the boat in the sand, and the wases are great. I am not sure about the sky though; I would have made it sepia too...
  • Müslüm Yasargun 11. September 2007, 19:52

    Hii, nice kompozisyone...
  • Comy 10. September 2007, 16:12

    very well done...
  • Dragos Ion 10. September 2007, 1:03

    Great! I'm impressed!
  • Lawson McCulloch 9. September 2007, 11:23

    A very nice shot.
    best wishes from Lawson McCulloch..
  • Dianna 8. September 2007, 22:16

    Perfect timing! :-)
    Wonderful textures!
    Welcome to the fc community! :-)
    Greetings from texas,
  • Michael Henderson 8. September 2007, 18:44

    Nice shot.

    Best Wishes.
  • Artemisia 8. September 2007, 18:22

    The waves are making a very good affection. Seems that I can smell the sea by loooking at your photo.
  • K.L. Short 8. September 2007, 15:25

    like this shot, the way the water is hitting the boat.



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